Application Procedure

for self-funded degree study and Chinese language program

Complete “Application Form” ”JW202 Form” (in case of need) and pay application fee in Office 301 or Office 824.

1.Download the forms on CIE website.
2.Submit the forms, photo and the scan of your passport and visa to CIE email:
3.Pay application fee by remittance or in Office 301 or Office 824.

The application will be verified by the administrative department of SCAU.
* The applicants of self-funded degree need to pass an interview held by the academic committee of the college you apply for.

After verification of our university, the application will be sent to the Department of Education and Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province. (This step may take 1-2 months.)
After admission, CIE will send the Admission Letter and JW202 Form to the applicant by post. (The postage should be paid by the applicant)
Applicants with the Admission Letter and JW202 Form can apply for entry visa to China in the Embassy of China in your country.
After entry into China, applicants can move on to Admission Procedure with Admission Letter and JW202 Form in SCAU

Admission Procedure

Registration with “Application Form” ”JW202 Form” in Office 301 or 824
Pay tuition in Office 827
Apply for accommodation, fill up ”Internet Application Form”, purchase campus smart card(in case of need) and insurance in Office 301 or 824
Apply for〝Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitor〞( local police station ), Physical check-up (appoint certain hospital)
Fill up ”Visa and Residence Permit Application Form”,
Apply for ”Online Visa Booking” in Office 301 or 824
Go to the Immigration Office for the〝X〞visa
Opening Ceremony; Buy textbooks
Classes start