1. Fill out an application form that you can download from our website then send to the following E-mail address: If you are currently living in Guangzhou, you can come to our office located in the SCAU Administration Building, Room No. 824, then pick up and fill out the application form.

2. Provide a photocopy of your Passport (plus a photocopy of your Visa ---if you are already in China)

3. Pay the Application fee of RMB400 (pay this in cash or by bank remittance)

4. A form JW202 (the form is for applying student “X” Visa in China if you need, we will apply to the Education Department of Guangdong Province. The student VISA process can typically take at least about 1 month.)

5. After processing your application documents, you will receive an Admission Letter issued by SCAU and a Form JW202 will be sent to you, the applicant (the postage paid by applicants)

6. With this Admission Letter issued by SCAU and the Form JW202, the foreign student applicants can submit to the student VISA application procedures at any Chinese embassy or consulate in his/her home country.

7. Book the air ticket and inform us of your date of arrival.

8. Arrive at SCAU