Having a history of 102 years, South China Agricultural University (SCAU), has developed into a “project 211” national key university, which was jointly promoted by China Ministry of Agriculture and Guangdong Provincial Government since the period of the 9th and 10th Five-Year Plan (1996-2005). It is situated in Guangzhou City, known as the Flower City. The beautiful and peaceful campus covers an area of more than 8,250 mu (or 550 hectares) with 1,332,000 square meters School Building Area. It is an ideal place for education and scientific research.

At present SCAU has twenty two colleges. They are College of Agriculture, College of Environment and Natural Resources, College of Life Science, College of Economics and Management, College of Engineering, College of Animal Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Horticulture, College of Food Science, College of Forestry, College of Humanities and Law, College of Science, College of Information Science, College of Fine Arts, College of Foreign Studies, College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, College of Public Management, College of Continuing Education, College of International Education and so on. Now more than 40,000 full time students are studying there. Among them, about 36,000 are undergraduate students and 4,000 graduates. There are more than 2,900 faculty and staff at SCAU, including 900 full and associate professors with 209 doctor tutors and 715 master tutors. SCAU has grown into a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive university with 88 undergraduate specialties, 10 first-class discipline doctor’s degree programs, 20 first-class discipline master’s degree programs, 50 second-class discipline doctor’s degree programs including 11 independent majors, 100 second-class discipline master’s degree programs including 12 independent majors. Altogether there are 5 types of master academic degrees and 1 type of doctor academic degree.

The College of International Education was founded in July of 2007. It is responsible for the management of international students and international training program, the operation of collaboration programs and courses between SCAU and overseas higher institutions and offering international training program. As a platform for international education of SCAU, the college, based on the principle of having the world in view and pursing excellence, endeavors to cultivate externally-oriented, international senior administration and technology talents and energetically develops international communication and cooperation to enhance the college’s internationalism.

Up to now, SCAU has overseas students in more than 40 countries from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe at undergraduate, master and doctor level. Since it officially launched Chinese language training class in 2008, nearly 100 international students are studying or once studied there. We also offer multi-language classes, including Chinese, English, Spanish and French and etc. at different levels on each semester, which are designed to meet international students’ demands for overseas education, daily work or interest. China international center for training in agriculture, cofounded by United Nations Development Program, Food and Agricultural Organization and World Food Council, is committed to train intermediate, senior agricultural administration or technology officials in developing countries in terms of agriculture economic management, agricultural administration and rural leading, rice cropping, crops pests prevention, sugarcane Cultivation and etc. This class has already been organized in 8 phases.

Warmly welcome overseas students to study or further education in beautiful SCAU!