Profile of Qinglai School

Located in Mile City Yunnan Province, Qinglai School is an international school combining primary, middle, vocational and international education. The school is established in 2004 with an area of over 2000 mu. It boasts the most beautiful campus in China and all essential facilities for study and living, which makes her a landscape style, high standard, internationalized and modernized school .

Qinglai School was authorized to employ foreign experts in Dec. 2008 and afterwards in Mar. 2009 gained the qualification of admitting international students. Over years of practice, Qinglai School has accumulated rich international education experiences and formed scientific and mature overseas study education developing system with international exchange platform for basic education. It has become an education base for high-quality international talents.

The International department of Qinglai School is mainly in charge of international students language training, middle school academic education and all kinds of international education exchange activities. So far, the school has successfully admitted and educated generations of overseas students for either short term language training or junior & senior middle academic education.Without exception, all our international graduates have been admitted into top universities in China for further study and 100 percent of our students for overseas study have been advanced to Top 500 world-famous universities. Besides, Qinglai school has successfully hosted several international summer camps and cultural exchange programs of teachers and students. The school has established cooperation relationships with many middle schools and education institutes in several countries such as USA, UK, Thailand, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. We have been long committed to establish better international education platform, to further accelerate our internationalization process and build a brand international school.

Our Advantages

  ● Smooth and Convenient overseas study path. Safe, mature and stable. The program has successfully runned for years with many generations of excellent graduates
  ● Teachers are passionate and enthusiastic, ensuring students pass HSK and study further in Chinese top universities after finishing academic program study
  ● 100% guarantee of issuing short and long term students visa for international students.
  ● The scientific education system will enable students smoothly transfer from language study to academic study in terms of utilization of language, knowledge capability, methods of thinking and psychology transformation, therefore to build a connection to top universities effectively.
  ● Qinglai School provides specialized courses, colorful cultural exchange activities, selected courses based on interests and entire language environment experience, which will make students study more happily and comprehensively
  ● Qinglai School provides superior first rate campus, secured overseas study environment, full-time teaching in small-class scale and dual-head-teacher system, to guarantee international students best enviroment in study and living.

Program Introduction

The Qinglai School perennially provides international students all over the world with Chinese Language program, junior and senior middle school education. It also organizes various of international cultural and educational exchange activities.

Chinese Language program

The length of Chinese Language study could be from 3 months to 1 academic year accordingly. During the study, besides main course of Chinese Culture and Language, Qinglai School also organize international students taking HSK exams and grant certificates to those who finish study. The qualified students could take junior or senior middle school education directly; the qualified students for college, Qinglai School will recommend and help them for application and admission

Junior and senior middle school education

The length for junior and senior middle school education is 3 years respectively. After taking Chinese language study or qualified for degree study, the students will join the junior or senior middle school class, finishing courses together with Chinese students. After graduation exams, the students will be granted graduation certificate of junior or senior middle school and the school will recommend and help them for application and admission into Chinese universities for further study.

International cultural and educational exchange activities

Qinglai School perennially organizes foreign teenagers to school for cultural experience, home stay and various of theme activities in summer or winter holidays as well as exchange and visits in language study, culture, arts and sports. The school also regularly organize students to go overseas for short term study-tour and cooperation programs between schools.

Fee Structure

Application fee: 400 ¥

Fees structure

Items types tuition Accommodation Miscellaneous expenses
Degree education Junior middle school 17200¥ per year 3600¥ per year The school will issue insurance, visa, dining cards. The fees of insurance, physical examination, visa, dining will be on students' own
Senior middle school 19600¥ per year
Language study 3 months 5600¥ 1500¥
5 months 8400¥ 1800¥


Qinglai School has a faculty of over 300, all been selected strictly. Among the teachers in Qinglai school, there are some of special-grade and star-teachers, excellent young teachers graduated from universities home and abroad with compassion and enthusiasm, and foreign teachers from US, UK, Canada and South Korea with TESOL or TEFL certificates and years of teaching experience. This faculty has won thousands of rewards in all kinds of educational competitions and talent competitions in city, state, province and nation levels.

The Qinglai School will keep devoting herself in education, taking the advantage of Chinese basic education, emphasizing cultivating student's creation, thinking and judging, independency and language skills, to help students absorb balanced knowledge and grow up in a healthy and overall way.


Time of application

International students applications are perennially accepted. Intake time is every March and September

Qualification of applicants

Non Chinese citizen over 6 years old; healthy and well-behaved; able to obey laws and regulations made by Chinese government and school

Intake procedure

  1. Students apply to Qinglai School
  Download and finish"Application form for international students Qinglai School"(Click to download Attachment 1). Fax or email to Qinglai School
  2. After reviewing, Qinglai School will send Admission Notice to applicants
  After receiving application files, Qinglai School will review the files and will send Admission Notice to qualified applicants after communication
  3. Issuing visa to China
  The applicants will go to the Chinese embassy for applying visa When the they receive the Admission Notice.
  4. Intake the school and register
  Qinglai school will pick up students who arrives in China and finish registration(payments and arrangement of accommodation )
  5. Complete the procedure and start learning

4. Files needed

  1. Admission Notice
  2. Passport
  3. Certification of Education
  4. Photocopy of Parents' Passport
  5. 8 Pictures (33mm*48mm, bareheaded white background, frameless)
  6. Transcripts and Comments in previous school(in English)
  7. Power of Attorney by Parents(in English):(Click to download Attachment 2) 

Q & A

1. Q: How can I get to the school?

  A: From your country to Changshui Airport Kunming City Yunnan Province China

2. Q: Is there any airport pickup service? How much?

  A: We do have. The price depends on the actual expense.

3. Q: How to make payment?

  A: Option One:in cash, students can pay to finance office of Qinglai school on arrival(bank card of Bank of China applies)

  Option Two: T/T (All fees should be calculated in RMB or equivalent amount on payment day) to school account(account number:53001666736059888999
  Bank: Mile Branch of Bank of Communication). Please keep the bank receipt for confirmation on arrival.

4. Q: What is in the dorm?

  A: Bed, closet, quilt, telephone, private bathroom, 24-hour shower, toilet, washroom

5. Q: Should I buy medical insurance?

  A: Yes, all international students should buy personnel insurance of 60 ¥ each year on registration, according to Chinese MOE regulation.

6.Q: Who can I turn to for help in case of being in trouble?

  A: Please dial 110 for emergency help and you can also call your head teacher

7. Q: ow much should I take with?

  A: Besides tuition, you need 800-1000 living expenses each month.

8. Q: How to place students in classes?

  A: Students are placed according to Chinese levels into beginners, intermediate and advanced classes; Or placed according to students' ages.


Qinglai School: +86-0873-6385599   +86-0873-6385000
       +86-15912803035(Feng )   
       +86-13988022528(Yang )
Fax: 86-0873-6385661
Address: Mile City, Yunnan Province, China