Qufu Normal University

Qufu Normal University, established in 1955, is a key university in Shandong Province. It is located in Qufu, the hometown of the great thinker, educator and politician - Confucius. Another campus is also located in Rizhao, a beautiful coastal city in Southeast Shandong Province. It has produced about 130 thousand qualified graduates and has made significant contributions to Chinese economic construction and social progress.

The university has 24 departments, 50 undergraduate programs, 25 research institutes, 6 doctorial programs, 77 Master programs, 7 provincial key programs and 2 provincial key laboratories. Ití»s also equipped with the Shandong Laser Polarization Engineering and TechnologyResearchCenter, the Shandong Confucian Study Base and the Shandong Teaching Curriculum Reform Center.

The university employs 2360 teaching staff members, 1300 full-time teachers, including 199 professors, 261 associate professors, 1 national outstanding young and middle-aged expert, 12 provincial outstanding young and middle-aged experts and professional and technical top-notch talents, 40 provincial young and middle-aged college and universitie academic leadersand 25with the honor of the special governmental subsidy. As of June 2004, there are 21578 undergraduates and graduates with 3 year courses, 1727 students working torword Masters and Educational Masters, and 14393 Adult Educational learners. The disciplines cover art, science, engineering, law and 5 more.

It is a great pleasure to have friends coming from afar! QufuNormalUniversity welcomes domestic and international friends with its unique hospitality and sincerity to visit its campuses and experience the richness of Confucianism at the Qufu campus and the charm of seaside scenery at the Rizhao campus.


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