Introduction to Qingdao Hotel Management College

Breif Introduction

Qingdao Hotel Management College is a normal state-owned full-time college offering three years education. It was approved by People’s Government Municipality of Shandong Province and put on record by Ministry of Education in 2002. It is the first independent state-owned hotel management college and belongs to Shandong Provincial Education Department and Shandong Commercial Group Corporation. The college inherits and promotes the fine traditions which are accumulated during the past sixty years.

The college is located in the Mount Lao scenery district in Qingdao and covers 53 hectares, with school buildings of 230,000 square meters. The campus environments are beautiful and well ordered. The college gets the titles of “Vocational Education Advanced Unit”, “Provincial Model Establishment” and “Chinese Commercial Vocational Education Advanced Unit” etc. In recent years, the college has achieved great achievements and won many golden medals in various National Service Contests.

The college enrolls students from twenty-nine provinces or municipalities in China and now the number of the students reaches more than 12,000. The college has a highly competitive faculty. The number of the double qualified teachers, postgraduates and associate professors exceeds seventy percent. There are more than 80 national excellent teachers, cooking masters and Chinese pastry masters etc. In the meantime, the college also employs a number of around 200 hinders of specialists, scholars and advanced technicians as visiting professors or advisors.


The college will continue to stick to the guiding principles of running the school, “super service is the priority; employment is the orientation; the integration of production, research and study is the approach; brand is the victory”, foster the professional talented people with the ability of sustainable development by the international education and service for hotels and the related industries, and be determined to set up an open and international hotel management college with distinguishing characteristics and high quality in the beautiful city Qingdao.

Advantageous Majors

Hotel Management, Culinary Technology and Nutrition, Chinese and Western Pastries, Western Cuisine Technology.

Survey of International students in Qingdao Hotel Management College

Our school has cooperated with many organizations of college education from the following countries: America, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Korea etc. We have also signed cooperative agreements with American Hotel and Lodging Association, Singapore Shelton School of Commerce, Lausanne Hotel School etc. We cooperate with these organizaitions and schools to receive international students and exchange students. Meanwhile, we also hold some short-term training of Chinese cuisine or cultural experiences.