Application fee

RMB 350 for one person

Note: The application fee (in cash or by transferring accounts) is to be sent together with the relevant documents when applying, which will not be returned whether the application is successful or not.

Tuition fee

Type of student Tuition Fee
Bachelor’s Degree Programs RMB 13,000 for one person per year
Non-degree Training Program One-month course RMB 3,000 for one person
Two-month course RMB 4,600 for one person
Half-a-year course RMB 6,500 for one person
One-year course RMB 10,000 for one person

Note: If any student applies to leave the university within the first three months, the student can have half of the tuition fee back. If the application is submitted after the first three months, no tuition fee will be returned.

Accommodation fee

Room Category Fees Indoor Equipments
Double room RMB 450 for one person per month Single beds, bathroom, shower, TV set, air conditioner, telephone, Internet interface
Single room RMB 600 for one person per month


  1. Students should pay their own telephone fees, water rates, electricity bills and Internet charges. (Campus Internet charge is RMB 35 for one interface per month.)
  2. Living fees: students can cook by themselves or enjoy delicious food on campus cafeterias with the cost of RMB 15-30 per day.
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