Specialty Introduction

In Panzhihua University (Abbreviated as PZHU), there are 15 schools and departments providing undergraduate courses in 35 specialties. The 15 schools and departments are: Information and Electrical Engineering School, Electromechanical Engineering School, Civil Engineering School, Computer Science School, Humanities and Social Science School, School of Foreign Languages and cultures, Economic Administrative School, Art School, Engineering Technology School, Materials Engineering School, School of Chemistry and Biology Engineering, Medical Science School, Physical Education Department, Ideological, Political Education Department and Further Education School. Currently, PZHU offers a wide range of programs covering seven branches of learning, including science, engineering, liberal arts, law, economics, management, and medical science. In addition, the Humanities and Social Science School offers some special Chinese language courses for oversea students to improve their Chinese and enlarge their cultural knowledge.

PZHU now offers programs for undergraduates, Chinese language learners and visiting scholars.

Living facilities and Conditions

PZHU is located in the downtown of Panzhihua city. Standing besides Panzhihua Park, the campus is an ideal place for studying and living with its superior geographical surroundings and smooth traffic.

PZHU has a complete system of sport facilities such as Gym, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, football playground, Ping-Pong playground, and swimming pool. There are also supermarkets, cafeterias, Islamic restaurant, library, electronic reading rooms, internet rooms, coffee bar, etc. Large or medium supermarkets, emporiums and kinds of restaurants are scattered about the city. Here you can enjoy all kinds of local food especially the famous local snacks.

We provide fee pick-up service for all oversea students in Panzhihua Airport, Train Station and Bus Station.

Admission Qualifications

  1. Undergraduate applicants should have at least senior high school diploma. In addition, Applicants for programs in science should get the HSK certificate of Grade C or above at the elementary level; Applicants for programs in humanities should get the HSK certificate of Grade C or above at the intermediate level.
  2. There is no Chinese language requirement for Chinese language learners.
  3. Visiting Scholars should have at least Bachelor’s degree and learn on related area of his or her majors.

Checklist and Application Procedures

  1. Required documents:
    (a) Application Form
    (b) Copy of valid foreign passport
    (c) Copy of the diploma of the highest level (if there is)
    (d) The HSK Certificate (if there is)
    (e) Three passport photos
    (f) Application fee: RMB 350
    Notes: Documents that are not in English or Chinese need to be officially translated and certified, and then be submitted along with the original.
  2. We will send the Admission Letter and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to the applicant. With these documents, the applicant can apply for Visa X in the Embassy of P.R. China in local area.
    Note: Those whose term of study is shorter than 6 months should apply for Visa F.
  3. Applicants should come to school by the date listed on the Admission Letter. If failed to arrive on time, he or she should write formally to the school and ask for delaying.

Application deadline

  1. Undergraduates:
    (a) For the spring semester, the application deadline is December 31.
    (b) For the fall semester, the application deadline is June 30.
  2. For Chinese language learners and visiting scholars, no deadline is set and open throughout the academic year.
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