Cultivating visionary, principled, and diverse Leaders for China and the World

For more than 100 years, Peking University has been an elite institution of learning,recognized internationally as one of China's premier centers of academic excellence. Founded in 2004, as Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School of Business, we were renamed Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) in August of 2008. PHBS seeks not only to build on its parent institution's inspiring traditions, but also to develop its own world-class reputation.

Located in the thriving entrepreneurial city of Shenzhen, and immediately adjacent to the financial hub of Hong Kong, the business school lies at the very heart of one of the world's most promising metropolitan areas. Few other regions in China offer a more suitable setting for an institution destined to become this country's foremost graduate business school.
Presently, PHBS, in cooperation with Hong Kong University, offers two dual master's degrees (Economics and Finance, Management and Finance), as well as doctoral degrees. In addition, the school currently offers a wide range of executive development programs (EDP).

At the center of any great university is its faculty, and at the present the PKU HSBC School of Business has 34 full-time professors, all of whom have earned their PhD degrees at world-class universities. This core faculty is augmented by over 45 professors from both Hong Kong University and the Beijing campus of Peking University, who visit the Shenzhen campus on a regular basis.

PKU HSBC Business School is currently commissioned with three research centers, the first of which is devoted to economic research focusing on both China and the world. The second center will concern itself exclusively with areas of financial research, and will incorporate a full mock-up of a securities trading floor. The third center has established its reputation in direct sales research. The last one is about research in business models.

In acknowledgment of the importance of English in today's business world, one of the principal criteria for a student being accepted at the school is his or her proficiency in English language. Once admitted, students find that most of their lectures are conducted in English and that compulsory English classes are held throughout each semester; the ultimate goal of the school being to eventually provide students with a full English language teaching environment.

Guided by its unwavering commitment to excellence, PKU HSBC Business School is unique among its peers in its commitment to developing graduates who are superbly trained, bilingual, and culturally aware. In short, our mission is to provide our graduates with the type of education, which will prepare them to take their places as leaders in their fields in China and throughout the world.