·China's Tai Chi kongfu catches on fast in Mauritius 2012-7-20 16:11:00
·Music brings peoples of Zimbabwe and China together on stage 2012-7-20 16:02:00
·China to announce new measures on cooperation with Africa: vice FM 2012-7-19 15:26:00
·Web China: A foreign Lei Feng's devotion to his poor students 2012-7-12 16:09:00
·WHO study finds children with disabilities more likely to experience violence 2012-7-12 16:05:00
·Forbidden city to publicize catalogue of its collections 2012-7-10 15:25:00
·Foreign schools give children a valuable lesson 2012-7-10 15:24:00
·Belgium to launch new program for youth with China 2012-7-10 15:19:00
·Chinese calligraphy warmly welcomed by UN officials 2012-7-9 15:40:00
·Festival has something for everyone 2012-7-6 11:54:00
·graduates from famous universities get a head start in the jobs game 2012-7-6 11:50:00
·Post-1990s generation marches into Chinese society 2012-7-6 11:50:00
·College entrance exam topics viewed as strange 2012-7-5 17:16:00
·Vietnam seeks further support from UNESCO 2012-7-5 17:15:00
·HK holds int'l conference on school guidance 2012-7-5 17:13:00
·Feature: Nepalese celebrate Teacher's Day 2012-7-5 17:11:00
·Chinese artistic performance marks 10th UN public service day 2012-7-4 16:13:00
·Chinese vice premier attends "China National Day" at Yeosu expo in S. Korea 2012-7-4 16:11:00
·Israelis to "experience China" in October 2012-7-2 16:53:00
·Beijing Olympic Pictograms Released 2012-7-2 16:49:00
·Online media embarks on journey to experience Henan 2012-7-2 16:41:00
·More students choose to study abroad 2012-7-2 16:21:00
·Chinese classic "A Dream of Red Mansions" staged in Water Cube 2012-6-29 16:13:00
·Institution established to promote Chinese opera overseas 2012-6-29 11:07:00
·Thailand requests 10,000 Chinese language teachers from China 2012-6-29 11:05:00
·Chinese vice premier attends "China National Day" at Yeosu expo in S. Korea 2012-6-29 11:04:00
·Australian teachers union fined for illegal strike 2012-6-29 11:03:00
·Hong Kong, mainland higher education institutions agree to strengthen exchange 2012-6-29 11:02:00
·Web China: Professor demeans liberal arts, provokes debate 2012-6-29 10:59:00
·Xinhua Insight: Settled Tibetan nomads pin hopes on children's Mandarin studies 2012-6-29 10:55:00
·Juilliard School to launch institution in Tianjin 2012-6-29 10:53:00
·Shenzhou-9 return capsule touches down 2012-6-29 10:48:00
·English Beauty Learns Sizhou Opera 2012-6-29 10:20:00
·QLC delegation completes 10-day China study-tour 2012-6-28 17:25:00
·City students learn new alphabet: C for Chinese 2012-6-28 17:23:00
·American families are uprooting their entire lives and relocating their families to China to give their children a leg up in learning Mandarin as China's influence continues to grow, according to The Wall Street Journal. 2012-6-28 17:19:00
·Chinese ancient books sell for 34.2 mln USD 2012-6-28 16:56:00
·Confucius Institute promotes Chinese language and culture worldwide 2012-6-28 15:57:00
·Confucius head cites demand for institutes' work 2012-6-28 15:55:00
·Confucius Institutes benefit US economy, culture 2012-6-28 15:51:00
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