Top 10 best-paid majors for vocational graduates in China

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2013 is believed to be the most difficult year in history for vocational Chinese graduates. However, not all of them have to face a tough future if they opt for more competitive majors.

According to the 2013 Chinese College Graduates Employment Report released by MyCOS, a third-party research institute that specializes in education assessment, Finance and Securities is now the best-paid major for vocational graduates, with an average monthly income of 3369 yuan (US$552.93) after a six-month probation.

Urban Rail Transit Control and Software Technology rank second and third, with an average monthly income of 3277 yuan (US$537.83) and 3178 yuan (US$521.37) respectively.

The monthly income refers to one's total income, including salary, bonus, royalties, benefits and subsidies.

The following are the top 10 best-paid majors for vocational graduates in China.

Top 10: Multimedia Design and Production(多媒体设计与制作)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,028 yuan (US$496.82)

Multimedia design and production is the art of integrating multiple forms of media. In the era of information technology, multimedia design and production are applied in many fields such as websites, video games, information kiosks and interactive applications. There are a lot of vocational schools and colleges offering this course on the curriculum and graduates can easily find a job with a good salary.

Top 9: Service and Marketing of Automotive Technology(汽车技术服务与营销)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,060 yuan (US$502.03)

China's automotive industry has grown into one of the major industries in the national economy. More people are needed in the service and marketing fields of automotive technology. Their employment opportunities include automobile marketing, after-sale service, customer service, insurance and claims, identification and management, technical support and information feedback.

Top 8: Automobile Utilization Technology (汽车运用技术)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,084 yuan (US$505.96)

With China's WTO entry and the rapid development of the nation's economy, car demand and ownership have been on the rise in recent years, driving the demand for auto maintenance and check-ups. This brings more opportunities for auto companies and those people who are engaged in the technical and management aspects of the industry such as assembly manufacturing, testing and maintenance.

Top 7: Petrochemical Manufacturing Technology(石油化工生产技术)

Average monthly income (after 6-month probation): 3,108 yuan (US$509.9)

Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. This is a key industry which plays an important role in China's national economy. The vocational graduates may find jobs in the fields of manufacturing, technology and management of petrochemical enterprises.

Top 6: Maintenance and Management of Electromechanical Equipments(机电设备维修与管理)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,172 yuan (US$520.39)

Electromechanical equipment is commonly used in industrial machinery, industrial equipment and consumer products. The vocational graduates are expected to engage in the work of electromechanical equipment operation, installation, testing, maintenance, technical reformation and management in various enterprises.

Top 5: Electric Railway Technology(电气化铁道技术)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,173 yuan (US$520.56)

This major aims to train technical talent to have the basic knowledge of electric locomotives. They are expected to engage in the testing, operation and maintenance fields in railway locomotive branches, locomotive factories, urban rail transit system and the subways.

Top 4: Engineering Surveying Technology(工程测量技术)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,174 yuan (US$520.72)

Those vocational graduates who major in Engineering Surveying Technology are expected to engage in the design, construction and administration works in the sectors of mapping, hydropower, urban construction, roads, bridges, architecture and land administration.

Top 3: Software Technology(软件技术)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,178 yuan (US$521.37)

The outsourcing industry of technology is growing rapidly in China. In order to focus on their core competitive business and reduce the costs of software projects, many enterprises would like to delegate all or parts of their software projects to outsourcing companies. The vocational graduates majoring in Software Technology could be the software developers, software testing engineers, database administrators, technical support and maintenance staff, software sales and promotion staff of these companies.

Top 2: Urban Rail Transit Control(城市轨道交通控制)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,277 yuan (US$537.83)

The major of Urban Rail Transit Control is related to the urban rail transportation industry of the big cities and regions. The vocational graduates in this major are always assigned to the forefront of production, service, technology and administration of the urban rail transit control to do the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, organization and administration of the equipment.

Top 1: Finance and Securities(金融与证券)

Average monthly income (after six-month probation): 3,369 yuan (US$552.93)

Finance and Securities are always a hot major in China. The vocational graduates of this major may work in banks, securities companies, futures companies, insurance companies and listed companies. They can become members of securities trading staff, securities sales staff, financial administrators of financial organizations, assistant bank clerks and employees of insurance companies.

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