Study in Jinhua College near Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province

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1. Economy in Zhejiang Province

The province is traditionally known as the "Land of Fish and Rice". True to its name, rice is the main crop, followed by wheat; north Zhejiang is also a center of aquaculture in China, and the Zhoushan fishery is the largest fishery in the country. The main cash crops include jute and cotton, and the province also leads the provinces of China in tea production. (The renowned Longjing tea is a product of Hangzhou.) Zhejiang's towns have been known for handicraft production of goods such as silk, for which it is ranked second among the provinces. Its many market towns connect the cities with the countryside.

Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Zhoushan are important commercial ports. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge between Haiyan County and Cixi, is the longest bridge over a continuous body of sea water in the world.

2. Economic and Technological Development Zones in Zhejiang

Huzhou Economic Development Zone
Dinghai Industrial Park
Hangzhou Economic & Technological Developing Area
Hangzhou New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Hangzhou Export Processing Zone
Hangzhou Zhijiang National Tourist Holiday Resort
Jiaxing Export Processing Zone
Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone
Ningbo Daxie Island Development Zone
Ningbo Free Trade Zone
Ningbo Export Processing Zone
Quzhou Industrial Park
Shenjia Economic and Technological Development Zone
Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone
Zhejiang Quzhou Hi-Tech Park
Zhejiang Zhoushan Economic Development Zone
Zhejiang Donggang Economic Development Zone

Jinhua City

Jinhua City

3. Majors and Courses available in Jinhua:

Chinese for foreigners
Hotel Management
International Economy and Trade
Vehicle Technical Service and Marketing

4. Relevant Fees

a. Register fee: RMB 400 yuan
b. Tuition fee: RMB 12000 per student per academic year, Medicine students: RMB 13600 per student per academic year
c. Accommodation fee: RMB 20 yuan per student per day for single room, RMB 10 yuan per student per day for double room.
d. Books: RMB 800 yuan per student per academic year
f. The fees collected for other parties:
Medical Insurance (against accidents and inpatient medical care) fee: RMB 420 yuan per student per year; Physical examination fee: RMB 360 yuan per student per year; Residency permit fee: RMB 800 yuan per student per year.

5. Contact

Tel: 861015321224628
Skype: admissions002


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