A Brief Introduction to Yantai Nanshan University

Yantai Nanshan University, invested and established by a large Chinese enterprise Nanshan Group with 3.3 billion RMB in 1991, is a common undergraduate university accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is ranked as the second largest private university in China.

The university is located in the emerging and prosperous costal city, Longkou, Yantai of Jiaodong Peninsula. It has two campuses of Nanshan and Donghai at present. Nanshan campus is closely to a national 5A scenic spot - Nanshan Scenic Spot; Donghai campus is located in the Bohai Sea Forest Park and surrounded by the largest golf facility – Nanshan International Golf Club, with 279 holes.

The university now has 23 sub-colleges including School of Electromechanical Engineering; School of Automation Engineering; School of Mechanical Engineering; School of Materials Engineering; School of Electronic Engineering; School of Software Engineering; School of Information Science and Technology; School of International Economy and Trade; School of Logistics Management; School of Textile and Garment; School of Tourism Management; International School of Golf, etc. Among the 23 sub-colleges, International Golf School, under Nanshan International Golf Club which boasts the largest one of the same kind in scale in the world, is the best golf training school in China due to solid foundation of Nanshan Group, excellent advanced education and its 279 holes golf courses and over 400 driving ranges. Students here can get first-rate golf training and fine academic education.

(1) Campus Culture: The university is student oriented and runs on these practical, open and flexible policies: “The requirement of students is the order of work”; “the ability of students is the key of cultivation”; “the safety and health of students are the important aspect of work”; “the employment of students is the target of work” and “the success of students is the honor of the university”. The education is elastic, flexible and compatible. It respects the personality difference and development based on interest of students and stresses to improve the comprehensive quality of students. The university has been carrying out Four Excellent Project, which includes attracting students who strive for excellence, employing teachers who are able to help students achieve their goals and achieve excellent results etc; Four-Campus Construction project, which includes Civilized Campus, Green Campus, Harmonious Campus and Sunlit Campus. The university spirit is promoted and represented by the motto of Associate with Truth, Advance with the Times and the campus culture is symbolized by the ethos of Being Independent, Freedom, Self-Disciplined, and Self-Renewal.

(2) Staff Structure: The university has been paying great attention to the construction of faculty and has formed a team with sufficient teachers, reasonable staff structure, meticulous scholarship and high teaching level. There are 2262 full time teachers including 568 teachers with deputy and senior titles or above, 648 teachers with postgraduate diploma, 434 “dual-ability” teachers, 9 teachers enjoying special allowance of the State Council and 22 foreign teachers.

(3) Good Facilities: The University boasts excellent facilities and offers satisfactory services. The University possesses teaching appliances and instruments worth of 180 million RMB, a library with a collection of 2.159 million books, 68 labs and training rooms, over 130 multi-media classrooms, 15 digital language labs, and 8904 teaching computers. There are special dormitory buildings for international students on Donghai Campus with modern sports facilities including tennis courts, basketball grounds, volleyball grounds, and so on.

(4) Student Satisfaction: With the advanced educational concepts and an open policy, more and more students have been attracted to our university to further their studies. Our enrollment numbers for students are annually amongst the highest in China. Especially in 2010, Yantai Nanshan University recruited the highest number of students compared to with other universities in China. Strict teaching management and high quality teaching facilities resulted in high students’ employment satisfaction rate.

Strength and brand forge today’s Yantai Nanshan University. The university was successively honored as “Advanced Unit of Imparting Knowledge and Educating Students of Yantai”, “Advanced Unit of Higher Education Academic Management of Shandong Province”, “Advanced Unit of Social Power School-running of Shandong Province”, “Advanced Unit of Vocational Education of Shandong Province”, “Key Exemplary Vocational College of Shandong Province”, “Advanced Unit of National Vocational Education”, etc.

Yantai Nanshan University has become one of the most influential and leading private universities in China and is highly spoken of by Chinese government officials and in academic social circles.

We sincerely welcome international students to study at Yantai Nanshan University.