About Minnan Normal University

Minnan Normal University is one of the key universities in Fujian Province. It is situated in Zhangzhou, a well-known historical and cultural city on the west coast of Taiwan Straits, and an open-up city in southern Fujian Province known as a land of foods and flowers.

Minnan Normal University is formerly known as the Zhangzhou Normal University, which evolved from the College Teacher-training Course held by Longxi Teacher School in spring, 1958. In September 1958, the local Longxi Party Committee decided to found Zhangzhou University Teachers College on the basis of College Teacher-training course. In the spring of 1959, with the approval of Provincial Education Department to the application of local Longxi Party Committee, Zhangzhou Teachers College was founded based upon Zhangzhou University Teachers College. In July, 1963, with the permission of State Council, Zhangzhou Teachers College was merged with Xiamen Normal College, Quanzhou Normal College and Nanping Normal College to be named Fujian No.2 Normal College, which by that time formed a south to north situation with Fujian Normal College (which is Fujian Normal University now). The school stopped enrollment caused by the Cultural Revolution in 1966, and suspended in 1970. Since 1977, with the high attention of Fujian Party Committee, Provincial Government, Zhangzhou Party Committee and Municipal Government, the school site was reselected and campus was rebuilt, and after that the school had successively experienced a time of schooling as middle school teachers’ training class of Longxi College, Zhangzhou Normal College. In 1986, the State Education Committee permitted the Fujian No.2 Normal College to rerun and then it was named as Zhangzhou Normal University. In April, 2013, the Ministry of Education replied to the People's Government of Fujian Province by a letter with the agreement for Zhangzhou Normal University to change its name to Minnan Normal University.

Since the restart, this university has overcome all the difficulties and determined to develop into a comprehensive and outstanding university. Seizing those chances brought by our national higher education’s development, our university is accelerating the renovating and creating steps. Indeed, this university has achieved a marked effect on teaching and shaped a distinctive figure on schooling due to a positive exploration on talents’ cultivation, science study, social service, culture inheritance and renovation, etc. This university was authorized to confer the bachelor degree diploma in 1992. In 2000 it was among the first batch of normal colleges and universities in passing the qualification evaluation by the Ministry of Education in the teaching of undergraduates. In 2003, it was authorized to confer master’s degrees. In 2007, it became one of the key universities in Fujian Province. In 2008, Minnan Normal University received a straight-A score in the undergraduate level Teaching Appraisal organized by the Ministry of Education, and in 2009 it was granted the permission to enroll students in the professional degree of Master of Education. In 2012, it was authorized to confer doctoral degrees as one of the institutes for training doctoral persons with ability to serve our country’s special needs.

Minnan Normal University covers a total area of 154.612 hectares including Petrochemical College of Minnan Normal University and a total floor space of 600,900 square meters including buildings under construction. Teaching and research equipments are worth RMB 145.1 million. It has a collection of 2.0166 million paper books and 39239GB e-books. The campus network equipments are complete and advanced, covering the whole university.

The university insists on the education of undergraduates as the mainbody and actively further promotes the postgraduate’s education, also moderately develops higher vocational education and adult education. The university currently consists of 21 departments or schools. Students here may be enrolled in one of the 58 undergraduate programs, the 4 first class discipline master degree programs, the 29 second class discipline master degree programs, the 17 professional master degree programs of education or the 4 doctoral degree programs. The university’s matriculation is open to students from all over the country and from abroad, and now it has a total enrollment of 20,000(including students studying in joint schools)including full-time undergraduate students and graduate students, who study in six major disciplines such as humanities, social studies, science, engineering, management science and agronomy.

The university firmly enforces the talents strategy and keeps to the principle of “training, introducing and hiring” to strengthen the construction of teaching staff, and gradually organizes a team of highly educated, well-organized and vigorous teaching staff. It now has a high level faculty of 1,248 including those holding concurrent posts, among whom 164 professors and 318 associate professors;and 309 doctor degree holders. Among the teachers, there are nine of them who are granted with the Special Government Allowance of State Council, two Distinguished Professors of Minjiang Scholar, two Chair Professors of Minjiang Scholar, one teacher was selected into “New Century Talent Supporting Project by Education Ministry”, two of them were chosen by “Distinguished Youth Talents of Fujian Province Natural Science Fund”, two obtained the title of “Excellent Teachers in National Normal Colleges and Universities ”, one was awarded the prize of “Excellent University Key Teacher”, seven have been taken into the “Fujian Talents Project”, twelve were nominated by “New Century Talents Supporting Plan of Fujian Colleges and Universities ”, seven were chosen for “Outstanding Young University Research Personnel Training Program Fujian Province”, one won the title of “Provincial Excellent Expert”, ten acquired the prize of “Prestigious Teacher”,eleven gained the title of “Provincial Outstanding Teacher”, three persons were awarded with the prizes of “ the Star of Teachers Ethics”, “the Model of Teacher Ethics”, “Advanced Individual of Teacher Ethic” , two persons awarded the “Provincial Excellent Educator”, ten gained the title the “Provincial Excellent Ideological and Political Education Worker”.

The university adheres to the policy of strengthening the school with high teaching quality, always regarding teaching as the center, educating people as the basis, thus resulting in the steady improvement of education quality in the constantly deepening reform of personnel training mode. It currently takes charge of the trinity teacher education reform pilot project in the comprehensive arrangement of the local government, one of the twelfth five-year key project of comprehensive education reform of Fujian Province, and many twelfth five-year education reform pilot projects of Fujian Province, such as cultivation plan for outstanding talents of arts for Minnan culture, pilot reform of training of application-oriented talents of electronic information in the organic integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes,reform pilot project of training of talents through joint efforts of colleges and universities of Fujian and Taiwan, and recruiting students by the large classification of subjects while training them by the more specific classification. The university enhances the education by cooperation with local government and enterprise, so we established the Zhangpu Petrochemical College with the local government and enterprise to cultivate the applied talents which is badly needed in the petrochemical industry. For enhancing the cultivation of the teachers for secondary vocational education and actively promoting the construction of the system of modern vocational education we jointly train the secondary vocational educator with both state and provincial demonstrative higher vocational colleges and universities. The pace-keeping reform of education and teaching has renovated the training model, the school curriculum system, education management and teaching quality. And a distinctive effect has been achieved. Now the university has one national characteristic specialty, two national comprehensive specialty reform pilot project, seven comprehensive reform pilot projects at the provincial level, five provincial characteristic specialties, five provincial level teaching teams, seven talent and innovation experimental cites for training mode reform at the provincial level, 23 provincial excellent courses and five provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers.

The university also adheres to the strategy of academics, sets the goal of promoting scientific research renovation and serving society to intensify the construction of subject, talent team and scientific research and strive to structure a system of scientific research renovation which can both adapted to cultivation of specialized talents and meet the needs of local development. There are three provincial key laboratories (Key Laboratory of Granular Computing and Applying, Key Laboratory of Modern Separation and Analyzing Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Cognitive and Personality Research), two provincial humanities and social science bases (Minnan Cultural Study and Exchange Base across Taiwan Strait, Regional Culture and Literature of Minnan and Taiwan Research Center), three provincial colleges and universities technology renovation teams (Regional Culture and Literature of Minnan and Taiwan Research Team, the Modern Separation and Analyzing Science and Technology Team, the Critical Problems Researching Team of Granular Computing), one provincial collaborative plan program (the Coordinated Renovation and Development Center of Taiwan Strait Culture ), one provincial featured key subject, four provincial key first-rate subjects, six provincial key secondary-rate subjects, six science research renovation platforms. The university also has been selected as the first batch of demonstrative base of supporting army with technology. The university has set 24 research institutes including the Minnan Culture Research Institute, Chinese Language Culture Research Institute, Cultural Poetry Research Institute, Science of Education Research Institute, Confucianism and Traditional Culture Research Institute, History Research Institute, Regional Economy Research Institute, Art Communication Research Institute, Applied Psychology Research Institute, etc.

The university is paying great attention to the new technology and the development of practical application, insisting that scientific studies should provide service for the local economic instruction, collaborative innovation as oriented, the innovative platform at the provincial and university’s level as key point, implementing the cooperation with enterprise and local government and police office and other universities, promoting the system relevant to production, study, scientific research, practice, promoting regional economy development. Using the superiority of technologies, talents and resources, the university is launching the cooperation with local enterprises in the whole technology chain, including the field of development, transfer, consulting, service, and making great contributions to the territorial economy culture and society’s development.

The university also proceeds the international exchange and cooperation. We keep good cooperative relationships with America, Britain, Germany, Canada and so on. The university is making full use of the superior advantages of Zhangzhou in region, resource and historic culture. The university is actively carrying out researching about Minnan culture and Cross-straits exchange, and keeping in touch with Taiwan Mingdao University, Zhongzhou University of Technology, Shih Hsin University, National Pingtung University of Education, National Hsinchu University of Education. Establishing an projection which is cooperated with Taiwan Mingdao university about Broadcasting & Television (audio-visual and multi-media technology), the university also recruits students learning international economic and trade professional with Taipei Chengshi University of Science and Technology, Recruits students learning economics with Caoyang University of Technology, so as to promote a close communication with Taiwan’s colleges.

Adhering to the school motto of “Extensive learning, reasonable understanding, motivational encouragement, persevering work”, the school supplies a multitude of specialized talents to the society, rooted in Minnan, based on Fujian, faced the whole country. Since the founding year, near 60 thousand graduates have been cultivated, they play their parts in their jobs, they are brave to fight and make contributions. Most of them become the backbones of forefront of basic education and teaching, some become experts and scholars, party and government leaders, giants in the business circle. They are highly praised by the society. Our school is chronologically honored with “The Advanced Unit of Moral Education in Fujian”, “The National Outstanding Volunteer Team of Social Practice”, the provincial “Safe Campus”, and “The National Advanced Unit of ‘Sanxiaxiang’ Social Practice Program for University Students” by 8 times. Xiangtao Drama Club was granted with “The National Advanced Students’ Club for Colleges and Universities” by the Ministry of the Education, the Communist Youth League Center, and the National Association of Students in 2006. The club was awarded “The National Advanced Unit of Mental Health Education of College Students” in 2006, and “School of Civilization” by Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial People’s Government in 2006 and 2009.

The development of our school can hardly do without the care and guidance of leaders at all levels. Fangyi, Peng Chong, Peng Peiyun, these leaders of the party and state, and other leaders of the Ministry of Education and provincial government, came and inscribed for our school or inspected and guided school work successively. They fully affirmed the development and progress of our school, and placed great expectations on the school future. Successive leaders of the party and government of Zhangzhou came to school in person to give full support to the development of our school.

Our school upholds the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and implements the Party’s educational policy under the direction of Deng Xiaoping’s Theory, the important thought “Three Represents” and Scientific Outlook on Development. Following the law of higher education, our school actively integrates into the construction of Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone in Fujian, and implement the medium and long term development programs, and the priority is implemented the two development strategies “Specialization is developed in coordination with comprehensiveness; disequilibrium is developed in coordination with integrity”. Insisting on the working policy “educating people oriented, enhancing intension, reform and innovation, strengthening characteristics, coordinated development”, the university embark on impelling the four major projects “Strengthening the school with high teaching quality, academic level, excellent talents, characteristic features”, as well as improving the integral level of talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and the inheritance and innovation of culture. We will make great efforts to make our school a characterized, multi-subject coordination development normal university.