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Characterization, Quality, Internationalization
¡ª¡ªBrief Introduction of Beijing June First Middle School

Long history, a lot of achievements

Beijing June First Middle School is a public school with glorious revolutionary education tradition and is located in Hai Dian District, Beijing. Its predecessor was the ministry of public security school for children of staff members born in 1950, Its teaching history is over 61 years.

In recent years, our school insists on developing connotation, characteristic development, and scientific development. BJFMS takes the sustainable development road of "quality establishes school, characteristic flourishes school, talent makes school strong". BJFMS adheres to the school direction of characterization, quality and internationalization, and constantly improves the quality. With the achievement of science research, characteristic creation, international direction and infrastructure reform, BJFMS has become a modern international school with distinctive characteristics, ideas advanced, flexible system, perfect facilities, full of vitality and vigor and enjoy distinguished reputation overseas.

Overall innovation and scientific development

Beijing June First Middle School insists on educational innovation, scientific development, which promotes our school¡¯s quality and efficiency.

¡ª¡ªImprove the education idea for promoting the development of students

The school¡¯s principle is: "Personalized education services to all students - responsible for a lifetime of happiness development. The digital campus life - improved education mode with the development of the times. International training direction - training with international vision of modern talents. Fine management mode - always the pursuit of excellence." School's core concepts are: "for promoting human development service". School¡¯s mission is: "Make the innovation education pattern in accordance with the time development, cultivate the modern talents with international view". Our school motto is: "Embrace virtue, Enhance intelligence, Pursuit the truth, Innovate". Our Spirit is: ¡°Self consciousness, Self-discipline, Independent, and Self-improvement¡±. Teaching ethos is: "Rigorous, Knowledgeable, Dedication, Love life." Studying style is "Confident, Hard work, Firm, Good at learning ". Under the guidance of the advanced idea, our school take the independent education mode and ¡± tutor system¡±, make personalized education system solutions for students, develop students' individual characters, forge their personality, promote the students' overall active development.

¡ª¡ªInnovation and employing system build a good education teams

In order to achieve development objectives, our school employs a lot of excellent teachers. We respect the good staff, and helped the teacher's professional development. Now we have one national labor model, two People¡¯s teacher medalists, ten super and state-level key teachers, more than 30 provincial subject leaders, and we formed a good education team.

¡ª¡ªInnovate school culture and build a study-style school

Heartily to strengthen the development of school culture, we dig deep and integrate 60 years of school cultures, and form the special June First Culture of "harmony without uniformity" and progress, open, unique.

In order to enhance teachers' training and professional competence of virtue, our school organizes key teachers to study abroad and to improve their mental model. The organization of more than 30 young key teachers has been to England, New Zealand, and the United States. Our school has joined scientific planning key topics: "new education experiment", holds activities such as ¡°teacher and students write essays "," scholarly campus ", etc. The teachers need to pursue studying, education and enjoy the happiness.

¡ª¡ªInnovation the content of moral education to construct the new educational mode

Beijing June First Middle School improves the moral education work with innovative spirit, and gradually forms a "June First moral education work" mode. The main mode of education advocated and let the students, education must be independent, free and independent administration of character.

The students successfully held the Teachers¡¯ day celebration, the school festival, the Reading-book Day, the speech competition, the debate, martial arts games and development activities. These activities help the students develop their skills, independent personalities and abilities.

¡ª¡ªStrategies and innovative teaching to build the new curriculum system

Our school is actively implementing the choice of education, actively exploring hierarchical teaching, studying and reforming the teaching methods. The reform achievement of JIP teaching experiment gets the first prize of Beijing¡¯s first basic education teaching competition and gets high evaluation by UNESCO.

We carry out "the learning plan guiding" mode and insist the "double case simultaneously, learn case guiding". We let the students study and explore by themselves, cultivate students' innovative spirit and practice ability. All of these methods improved the efficiency of the classroom teaching. Our school promotes the research of teaching efficiency, takes the ¡°quality¡± road and achieves new powerful results. We continuous hit the high scores of ¡°the examination for high school¡±, ¡°the examination of high school

certification¡± and ¡°the entrance examination for college¡± every year. The rate of the university entrance exam is above 98% and we receive highly evaluation by society.

Our school actively promotes curriculum reform, establishes a new June First curriculum system. School teachers write school-based curriculum outline, formed the June First course of a set meal system (national compulsory courses) plus service system (required courses) plus buffet system (school-based curriculum course system). Our school was named the advanced school of ¡°school-based curriculum construction ¡°in Haidian District.

Our school joined the national education science "11th five-year" plan key topics "modern school system construction", take the project of the ministry of education and joined the subject: "strengthening the education internationalization research and improve teaching quality and efficiency". BJFMS becomes one of the 300 selected national institute feature high schools and our school was awarded as national educational reform experiment advanced school.

Operate with two wings, Distinctive Features

Beijing June First Middle School insists on its own education style. One wing is that we insist on educational internationalization direction, another wing is that we develop martial arts specialty. The two wings promote the development of students and teachers, and enhance our school¡¯s quality and efficiency.

Our goal is to make every student has the international vision and international understanding ability of creative modern personnel, and with a common human noble goal of globalization. We organized students to watch the Olympic Games and take part in the "knot¡± game. We had exchange activities with principals, teachers and students from the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Switzerland, Norway, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions. In recent years we communicate with over 6,000 students from more than 30 countries and regions.

In order to promote cross-cultural international communication, our school still positively established education bases in the United States. We sponsored "World Education Alliance", and established interactive relationship with more than 20 countries and more than 30 schools. We signed friendly cooperation agreement with many schools from the United States, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries. Hanban, American President Group organized by ministry of education, visited our school. We opened international understanding education bases in Guangzhou, Xi¡¯ an, Sichuan, etc. We organized the students to the United States to join the¡± to stop global warming BBS¡±, to join the Japan little ambassador activities, and we organize the students to Italy and other countries as exchange students. Some students admitted to the United States and other foreign universities directly. In 2008, our school became the vice president school of Beijing Association of Expatriate Students¡¯ Education. Our school was awarded ¡°the advanced collective of Beijing foreign affairs work ¡°honorary title by the Beijing municipal education commission.

The party and government leaders speak highly of our school¡¯s education internationalization achievement. They say that with good Chinese traditional culture, BJFMS developed their students as well as the international students; this is the great contribution to the world.

Our school is the WuShu training base of Hai Dian District in Beijing, and also is the traditional sports project school. Students study and train Martial Art is the special features of BJFMS. Our school carries out the "Students have knowledge and good health the same time" activities, and we also have held many domestic and foreign big games, such as the ¡°June First cup" international Martial Art tournament, and achieved great success. Our school also continuous hosted three successful "middle and primary school of Beijing" Martial Art competitions. Our school put the martial arts into curriculum management, opened DaoShu, Stick, Tai ji, Taekwondo, for students to choose elective courses, and greatly enriched curriculum resources. In the United States, we established the "June First Middle School American martial arts training base¡± in Cleveland in 2010, and we sent excellent coach to teach there many times. Hundreds of students in recent years in the national competition achieve the prizes, dozens of students become national first class and second class athletes, hundreds of students enter colleges and universities, our school provides the broad space for the comprehensive development of students.

Beijing June First Middle School has become a characteristic, quality and international school.