Liuzhou City Vocational College (LCVC) is a state-owned vocational college with a specialty in offering high-quality vocational education for the service industry in order to meet the high demand of urbanization in China. Being committed to excellence in full-time vocational education, we also integrate continuing education, distance education, international exchange and vocational training with our regular full-time education.

We proudly offer modern first-class teaching facilities and excellent student services, as well as a safe and beautiful teaching and learning environment, above all a student-focused teaching model in which we seamlessly combine classroom-teaching and field work.

We have an international reputation for high-quality teaching in Chinese Mandarin language, and are licensed as one of the first "Chinese Mandarin Language Education Centre" and awarded as "Model School for Chinese Mandarin Training", therefore, are approved to offer Mandarin training and tests nationwide by the Education Ministry of China. We have successfully trained a considerable number of teachers for overseas schools and universities to teach Chinese language. Each year, we welcome international students from all over the world into our college and are known as the first college that successfully recruits and educates international students and therefore enjoys the biggest population of international students in Liuzhou.