As the capital of Jiangxi province in southeast China, Nanchang is a city of great economic and historical significance in a country with an ever-increasing number of fast-growing cities. Nanchang, which means Southern Prosperity, was ranked as one of the ten most dynamic cities in the world by Newsweek magazine (Jul 3, 2006 Issue). In the heart of the city is People’s Square with its centerpiece, the Monument to the Martyrs, a proud reminder that Nanchang was the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Army. Within walking distance of Peoples Square is the Gan River where you’ll find one of the most famous pavilions in China, Tengwangge, a stunning example of Tang Dynasty (618-906 CE) architecture. In and around the city there are numerous parks, historical and cultural sites to explore.

The city itself has become a major attraction for international investment. Ford has been involved here since 1995. Other western based companies, such as Wal-Mart and Metro stock western products and western fast food franchises abound. There is an active nightlife in the city which attracts the local population as well as foreign students, businesspeople, and visitors. Nanchang is just a few hours away from breathtaking Lushan Mountain and Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of the world.