Chinese Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University Overseas Students Admission Information

Brief Introduction

Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University (JXSTNU), which is found in 1977, is located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It is a public comprehensive university who mainly cultivates vocational teachers and applied talents. In 2008, the university past the Assessment of Undergraduate Courses as excellent.

The two campuses, which are Fenglin campus and Hongjiaozhou campus, cover an area of 145.5 hectares. Teaching and research facilities are advanced, completed and worth about 1.2 billion. There are about 200 million books, 31 experimental centers (rooms). It realized a computer net-work management.

The university exists 6 master units, 7 key subjects on the provincial level, 46 bachelor's degree programs and 45 three-year system programs, including science, literature, education, engineering, law, management, economics, and history.

We have an excellent teacher team. They have the experienced teaching method. Currently there are more than 20,000 full-time students and 1386 faculties; the latter including 135 professors, 306 associate professors, 458 teachers with doctor or master degree and 86 Master tutors.

The university attaches great importance to scientific research. For the past few years, 781 research projects of various types are held, including 19 national projects, 371 provincial projects. The university publics 3 academic journals, "Vocational Education Forum", "Journal of JXSTNU ", "Foreign Vocational Education".

Besides, the university is characterized as a national key building base of vocational education teachers’ training by the State Ministry of Education, a regional model of vocational education teachers’ university greatly funded by the State Ministry of Finance and a national training centre of calisthenics for teen-agers by State Sport General Administration Recently, with the development of our country’s reform and opening, we develop the exchange of international education, international culture and cooperation. Good cooperative relations have already been established with colleges and universities and their vocational organization in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Russian, Germany, Australia, Finland, Singapore and other countries. We now have visiting scholars exchanging, research cooperation and running school projects. In these days, many cooperative projects are being negotiated. Our university is entitled to recruit and civilize various types of foreign students at different levels. We open a long term or short term advanced Chinese language training. Our training programs include regular advanced studies, bachelor and master degree advanced studies.

Jiangxi province, which our university is in, is located in the Southeast of China. The weather is pleasant. The traffic is facility. It has rich resources of tours: the world culture heritage, National famous scenery LuShan Mountain; Taoism religion origin place: Dragon and Tiger Mountain; The Chinese Revolutionary cradle: JingGang Mountain; The most beautiful village in China, Our history culture relics and our simple national characteristic old famous culture city: WuYuan; more than one thousand years and good kept old village: LiuKeng; Our Chinese first big freshwater lake, world migratory bird protection zone: PoYang Lake; world famous porcelain city: JingDeZhen. Our university is in Nanchang. It has two thousand years old history. It is the capital of Jiangxi province. There is a thousand years pavilion: TengWangGe; Our Chinese liberation Army was founded in Nanchang.

Welcome to our university to study. We provide you with all facilities for your study and travel enthusiastically. If you want to know more information, please get on the internet of our university or contact with us.

Overseas Students Admission Information

1.  Specialties Offered

Chinese Language Learning Courses (no time limit): Basic and Applied Chinese Language
Common Training Courses (no time limit) and Courses for Bachelor Degree (4 years)

1 Chinese Language and Literature
2 Advertising
 3 Chinese as a Second Language
 4 Radio & Television Science
5 History
6 Education in Ideology and Politics
7 Philosophy
8 Law
9 Social Work
10 Sociology
11 Pharmaceutical Science
12 Pharmaceutical Engineering  
13 English  
14 Japanese  
15 Tourism Management  
16 Accounting
17 Financial Management
18 Electronic Commerce
19 International Economics and Trade
20 Public Sector Management
21 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
22 Information and Computing Science
23 Computer Science and Technology
24 Information Management and Information System
25 Electronics Information Engineering
26 Education Technology  
27 Electronic Science and Technology  
28 Physics  
29 Machine Design & Manufacture & Its Automation  
30 Industrial Design  
31 Digital Media Technology  
32 Photography
33 Materials Physics
34 Material Chemistry
35 Metallic Materials Engineering
36 Applied Chemistry
37 Chemistry
38 Macromolecule Material and Engineering
39 Architecture
40 Civil Engineering
41 Artistic Designing
42 Clothing Design and Engineering
43 Fine Arts  
44 Musicology  
45 Music Performance  
46 Choreographer  
47 Physical Education  
48 Social Physical Culture  
49 Athletic Training  
50 Education  
51 Preschool Education  
52 Bioengineering  
53 Food Science and Engineering  
54 Biological Sciences  
55 Applied Psychology  

Courses for Master Degree (3 years)


Vocational and Technical Pedagogy

Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training


Fine Arts


Signal and Information Processing


Applied Chemistry


Tourism Management

And other courses may be offered according to the students’ request.

2.    Application Required:

(1) The foreigners in good health;
(2) Educational background required:
a. Chinese learning students should have graduated from high school or above.
b. Common training students should be sophomore in education or above.
c. Undergraduate overseas students should have graduated from high school or above.
d. Postgraduate overseas students should have a bachelor's degree.

3.    Academic Calendar

(1) Long term courses (more than 6 months):
Spring semester begins in the late February or early March,
Autumn semester begins in the early September.
The entrance application should be ended 2 months before the semester begins.
(2) Short term courses may be applied at any time
(3) Degree courses begin in the early September and the entrance application should be ended 2 months before the term begins.

4.    Applying Material:

(1) “The Entrance Applying Form of Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University for Foreign Students”.
(2) The diploma of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy). If the applicant was still at school, there should be the studying certificate from the school additionally. If the applicant was on job, there should be the working certificate additionally. (Chinese translation)
(3) The transcripts of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy). (Chinese translation)
(4) The photocopy of “the Examination Record of Foreigners’ Physique”, which can be got from the PRC embassy or consulate stationed in your country.
(5) Music (1 audio CD) or art (6 color pictures: 2 sketch, 2 colorful pictures and 2 others) work should be offered by the Fine Arts or Music applicants.
(6) 2 recommendations from associate professor or above should be offered by the master degree course applicants.

Please hand or mail the applying materials to the International Cooperation & Exchange Department of JXSTNU.

5.    Visa Material

We will mail the Admission Notice and “Visa Applying Form for Foreigners Coming to China” (JW202) to the students at least one month before the term begins. You can ask the PRC Embassy or Consulate stationed in your country for “China Study Guide”, and apply for the visa according to the guide.

6.    Estimated Cost

(1)   Tuitionper student, per year  
A.  Long term courses:


Liberal Arts



Chinese Language Learning Courses



Common Training Courses




Courses for Bachelor Degree




Courses for Master Degree




B. Short term courses:
¥640 per week (1-3 weeks)
¥480 per week (4 weeks or more)

(2) Accommodation:(provide television, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioning, water heaters, computer network interface, desk, bookcases and other living facilities): a suit with 2 rooms, ¥4000 per academic year for one room,not less than ¥2000 for two persons sharing a room.

(3) Registration fee:
Long term courses (6 months or more): ¥240 per term, ¥400 per academic year;
Short term courses (less than 6 months): ¥160

(4) Insurance: International students planning to study in China for over 1 semester are required to buy medical insurance for hospitalization and accident injury.

(5) Meals, medical expenses, teaching material, travel cost and others are at your own expenses.

Contact Us

Address: Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China Feng WEST STREET, 605:
Jiangxi Normal University Science and Technology Department of International Cooperation and Exchange