A Brief Introduction to HeiLongjiang Institute of Technology

HeiLongjiang Institute of Technology,a general institution of higher learning,approved by Chinese Ministry of Education,is located in northeastern China,close to the Far Eastern Russian and is rich in educational resources. Students are from all parts of China. Graduates get employment at home and abroad. The employment rate has continually been at the top of similar colleges for many years. In May, 2010, HeiLongjiang Institute of Technology was choosed as one of the Top 50 Universities of Highest Employment Rate in China by China Education Department.

The school covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters with a building space of 220,000 square meters;teaching, scientific research instruments and equipments are worth 60,000,000 yuan, plus 600,000 book library. Each major utilizes computer multimedia teaching and e-learning in school. There are 178 Experiment & Training Bases in and off campus, 97 professors, over 10 of whom are native English, Japanese, Russian and Korean teachers, the organization of teacher-team is reasonable. The characteristics of “teachers doing well in theoretical and practical teaching” is outstanding. Also 10 departments and 10 research institutes, more than10,000 students, more than 50 majors, 1 national and 3 provincial teaching-reform-testing majors. The Russian major is the national key one to be constructed, and is the largest in China with 1,500 students. The continuous scientific teaching & research work develop rapidly.

The school realized the overall coordination of educational, political and spiritual civilization, earned several unusual honors, such as “Advanced Unit of National Establishment of Spiritual Civilization” and has worked hard to be one of the fastest-growing institutions in Heilongjiang Province.