Harbin University Cambridge College

Harbin University Cambridge Collegeis a college, invested by Oriental Cambridge Education Group, undertaken by Heilongjiang University, approved by provincial government, and recorded by National Education Dep. (No. 13303). It belongs to Heilongjiang University and it is a college in enrolling and graduating students in accordance with our national education plan.

Cambridge College was awarded the title One of ten honest independent colleges in Chinese education in 2008. It lies the central district of the city, Xiangfang District. It has seven teaching deans and two teaching dep., It has 23 bachelor majors. There are over 7,000 students. And it covers four hundred thousand square meters. The area of the buildings is one hundred and fifteen thousand square meters. There are forty thousand books in our library and teaching equipment in the value of twenty-three million ninety hundred and thirty thousand. We provide a active and full-develop study environment for the students from all over the country through first-class running-school condition, modern teaching equipment and perfect living facilities.

The college is managed by several senior educational management experts. Wang Shaojie, famous educationist in our province is principal of Cambridge College. All the majors are leaded and organized by the senior educational management experts and professors with full of rich experience. Rich teaching team from Heilongjiang University ensures high level in teaching and high quality in talent training. The college regards the students as base, regards employment as guide. We wish the students to be the high-quality talents in adaptive and comprehensive aspects through the training of creative thinking and creation ability.

The college especially attaches importance to teaching management for foreign students.Specially International Office is in charge of living management and Chinese teaching. We adopts multi-mode( full-day to study with Chinese students and half –day to study with Chinese students), multi-level ( beginning, secondary, advanced and HSK strengthen classes according to Chinese level)and teaching in small class to teach the students. Unique tutor in one Chinese student to one foreign student helps the students improve their Chinese level fast and effectively. And we can ensure the improvement rate 100 percent in students’ every time HSK exam. The students can choose to study Russian or Japanese except for Chinese in our college. We also set up the classes of Chinese culture enjoy, hand-crafting, handwriting, drawing, cooking, Chinese Kongfu and Chinese folkway experience and organize regularly them to visit places in interest, to watch acrobatics, Peking Opera and national instruments performance etc.

We provide warm and comfortable living environment for the students. It is managed with the mode of hotel and specially living teachers there. There are furniture, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner and shower etc. nearly hundred dishes can to chosen in the dining room. We arrange plenty of study activities and spare activities in shopping, travel, sports and remediation etc. We try our best to make a home for the students.