Jinhua Polytechnic
-A National Model of Higher Vocational College

Jinhua is located in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, the center of Zhejiang Province. It is famous for its history and culture and already becomes one of the most famous historical cities in China.

Jinhua Polytechnic has more than 100 years’ history in vocational education area. It is currently a national model of higher vocational college, a national advanced college of vocational education, and one of the Top Fifty National Advanced Colleges for Graduates Employment.

Jinhua Polytechnic covers 147.8 hectares with a gross floor area of 600,000 square meters. Its fixed assets are worth 1.1 billion RMB, teaching equipments are valued at 140 million RMB. The college also has 126 Chinese government authorized patents and near 1.4 million copies of books, 12 faculties, an affiliated hospital, 79 majors, more than 300 experimental training rooms, more than 700 off-campus teaching and scientific research bases. At present, the college employs more than 1000 professional teachers which includes over 80 professors and 350 associate professors, and has more than 23,000 full-time students.

Jinhua Polytechnic has been making great efforts to expand cooperation and communication with overseas organizations. It has established long term cooperative relationships with more than ten universities and educational institutions from the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Egypt, South Africa, Finland, UAE, Singapore, and the region of Taiwan and Hong Kong. The inter-school exchange programs cover teaching training, research collaboration, students exchange, Sino-foreign cooperative projects and other programs.

Jinhua Polytechnic has four Sino-foreign cooperative programs approved by the national ministry of education, which are the Sino-Australian Nursing Program Sino-American Accounting Program, Sino-Canadian Hospitality Management Program and Sino-Australian Building Design Program, with 493 full-time students. The Nursing is a national Demonstrative major; the Hospitality Management Major is a Provincial-level characteristic major; the teachers of the Sino-American Accounting Program have rich oversea-education background and business experience; the official enrollment of the Sino-Australian Building design Program will begin in 2012.


Jinhua Polytechnic has developed student exchange projects with Finland of European, Egypt of African, Singapore of Asian and Taiwan. In recent years, the college has established a positive cooperative and interactive trend with six science and technology universities in Taiwan including Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Overseas Chinese University, Ta Hwa Institute of Technology, Shu-Te University, St. John's University, and Southern Taiwan University of Technology, meanwhile Jinhua Polytechnic has successfully held the cultural activities of Jinhua and Taiwan students named Passionate Youths, Elegant Cross-strait Culture twice, The college now has more than 80 students study abroad.

Jinhua Polytechnic offers recruitment and teaching services for oversea students in various majors such as fields of Chinese language, machinery and motor vehicles, electronics, business and hotel management, etc. In recent years, there have been more than 100 international students from more than 10 countries studying in our college.

The strategic conceptions on international education of Jinhua Polytechnic in its 12th Five-Year Plan are: firstly, to create a new model of international cooperation for vocational colleges; based on the current foundation, add two Sino-foreign cooperation majors such as Sports Service and Management, etc.; to import at least two international qualified certificates; secondly, plan to recruit 50 diploma level international students, to create a diploma level international students recruitment system of vocational colleges, and provide skill training for the Third World countries, such as African countries as well; thirdly, the number of exchange students will reach 100; fourthly, increase the number of bilingual courses or foreign language delivered courses up to 75, which will at least include 40 qualified foreign imported courses; fifthly, plan to set up a non-independent Sino-foreign international college.

With the improvement of the opening-up of education, Jinhua Polytechnic will further broaden the field of international communication, and learn from each other to continue the improvement of personnel training quality.

Majors and Courses
Chinese for foreigners

This major is focusing on the cultivation of practical qualified professional talents with certain Chinese basic knowledge.


Main courses: Primary Chinese, Middle-level Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Modern Chinese Basis, Ancient Chinese Basis, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Writing, Chinese and Western Comparative Aesthetics, An Introduction to Chinese Culture, Selected Readings in Chinese Literature, Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals, Chinese Movies, Chinese Painting, Chinese Handwriting, Chinese Music, Chinese Wushu, Chinese History, Chinese Geography, etc.

This major provides international students with vary opportunities and multi-level study service: there are all kinds of middle or short term language or culture classes which enable foreign students to join classes of Chinese students or training and guidance classes set up especially for international students. Our university can coordinate with foreign universities to give credits for international students studying in China.


Main courses: College English, Computer, Normal Body Structure and Function, Causal Organism and Basic Immunology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Basic Nursing, Health Evaluation, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Child Nursing, Adult Nursing, Critical Care, Nursing in Operating Room, Nursing Management, Health Education, Metal Nursing, English for Nursing and so on.

After the graduation, students are mainly employed as clinical nursing, general nursing, nursing management and nursing concerning foreign affairs in all kinds of healthcare agencies.

Hotel Management

This major is especially focusing on the cultivation of talents with high quality and practical capability and good hotel service and professional morality, and basic knowledge and skills for modern hotel management, who have good psychological quality, interpersonal skills, and hotel management potential and meet the needs of modern hotel service and management.

Main courses: Fundamentals of Tourism, Geography for Tourism, Hotel Professional Psychology, Hotel Marketing, Hotel Management Practice, Restaurant Management and Service, Front Office Management, Room Service and Management.

International Economy and Trade

This major is especially focusing on the cultivation of advanced practical talents with good English and familiar with international trade knowledge and practice skills and capability of modern management, marketing, finance, logistics and electronic business. They should be qualified for the certificates of advanced Export Business Rep., international business vouching clerk, merchandiser, Customs Specialist, and CIQ declarer and they can adapt the knowledge of English and international trade to practice in foreign trade.

Main courses: Business English, International Trade, Synthesized Foreign Trade business, International Settlement, International Marketing, Foreign Trade Merchandiser Practice, Electronic Commerce Practice.

Vehicle Technical Service and Marketing

This major is focusing on the cultivation of practical qualified professional talents with high quality and professional ethics, who can use vehicle structures, principles, function and the related knowledge, and also understand the vehicle technique, marketing prediction and plan, and the analysis of vehicle market. Students have the abilities of vehicle marketing, insurance and settlement of claims and management.

Main courses: Automobile Engine Technology Promotion, Automobile Chassis Technology Promotion, Automobile Electrical Technology Promotion, Auto Insurance and Claims, Automobile promotion and business negotiation, etc.

Furthermore, there are majors of Electronic Commercial Affairs, Practical English, Secretary, Lawyer Affairs, Accounting, Music and Performance, Pre-school Education, Dress Designing, Environment Protection and Harness, Market Business, Painting, Art Design, Pharmacy Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, etc.

Enrolment Information for Foreign Students

1. Candidates for various training programs

Foreigners and overseas Chinese, at or over the age of 18 and in good health, may apply for enrollment in various training programs.

2. Duration for Studies and Courses Offered

We have long-term and short-term training courses, given from Monday to Friday, about 20 periods. Students of Chinese training courses will be granted the corresponding certificate.

3. Features and Advantages of Teaching

a. All classes are conducted in standard Putonghua and foreign languages.
b. Teaching is conducted in small classes of 15 students.
c. Students are organized into beginners’, intermediate or advanced classes according to their level of proficiency in Chinese at the time of admission.
d. Touring-learning trips may be organized for students upon their request.
e. International students share the same SISU campus with Chinese students majoring in foreign languages so that they can communicate and exchange study and benefit from each other.
f. Various short-term training programs with flexible schedules and diverse extracurricular activities are offered throughout the year.

4. Relevant Fees

a. Register fee: RMB 400 yuan
b. Tuition fee: RMB 12000 per student per academic year, Medicine students: RMB 13600 per student per academic year
c. Accommodation fee: RMB 20 yuan per student per day for single room, RMB 10 yuan per student per day for double room.
d. Books: RMB 800 yuan per student per academic year
f. The fees collected for other parties:
Medical Insurance (against accidents and inpatient medical care) fee: RMB 420 yuan per student per year; Physical examination fee: RMB 360 yuan per student per year; Residency permit fee: RMB 800 yuan per student per year.

5. Recruitment

The application form will be accepted from December 1st to February 28th for the March Session. For the September session it will be accepted from April 1st to August 30th.

6. Contact

E-mail: jhc@admissions.cn