Translations and Web Design for Microsites
We can provide custom microsites for your webpage that are available in Chinese and many other languages
Our company provides great solutions for custom microsites available in Chinese or the language of your choice. We can also provide you with complete website version translations so you can offer full range services in multiple languages.

What are microsite translations?
Simply send us the following:

1. Access to your website
2. Up to 1000 words of text you want translated to Chinese or another major language
We will then:
Take the original source text and translate it
Use your current website design to create as many as five new pages.
Proof and test the new pages
Upload them for free
Create a link on your homepage for your brand new second language pages
Choosing to use this service can get you access to huge new markets and many more customers!
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What does a microsite translation job cost?
Prices vary depending on languages and complexity. We provide some easy to understand templates below:
Only ㏒250 + VAT for five major European languages
Only ㏒270 + VAT for five secondary European languages
Only ㏒280 + VAT for five main global languages 每 including Chinese.
Only ㏒300 + VAT for five secondary global languages.
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Microsite translations are a great solution for business!
More people than ever are now using the internet. China alone has more than 1 billion people and more and more are getting online every day. You should provide at least a minimum amount of language coverage on your website to help reach these new markets. A microsite translation from our company can provide you with market access to all the developing countries 每 including China!
If you aren*t reaching out and communicating with new markets 每 chances are your business will not do as well over the long term. English is still important 每 but more and more businesses are making a conscious effort to broaden their language focus. Using our microsite translation can expand your client base and increase your profits!
Huayiwang Chinese Translation Company has been at the cutting-edge of translations services for many years. This new service is designed to help our clients in China 每 but it*s also designed to help our foreign clients as well. We want to bring people together and help increase wealth worldwide! Regardless of whether your business is large or small 每 Chinese or foreign 每 we have translations services that can help.
Usually clients shy away from website translations because they are afraid of the costs. When you contact our company, you will find that it has never been more cost effective to have your online materials translated. We have Chinese specialists and gifted linguists from all around the world standing-by!
Our cost-structure is simple and our quality is absolutely unbeatable. In today*s modern business environment, you can*t afford NOT to let us translate your web-materials.

NOTE: If you need only 3 or 4 pages to be translated into Chinese, we can do that for free and in return you need place a link to our website home page on your your English website and Chinese websites.

Chinese to English website translation:
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