Chinese Language Program

Harbin Engineering University (short for HEU, formerly Harbin PLA Military Engineering Institute) is located near the beautiful Songhua River of Harbin, Ice City, China. HEU is one of national key universities in the national "211 Project" (to set up 100 national key universities in 21st Century) and one of the first batches of key constructed universities in China with graduate school. HEU is the major personnel training and scientific research important base in the field of shipbuilding industry, ocean exploration, and nuclear energy applications.

Founded in 1953, at present, HEU has become to the comprehensive university focusing on engineering, combining with sciences, economics, humanities, and law; and also is the qualified institution of receiving Chinese Government Scholarship students. There are 3168 staff at HEU, including 8 academicians, 290 doctoral tutors, 1,180 professors and associate professors, and 24367 students in different levels and 600 foreign students; and has 11  post-doctoral research stations, 31 doctoral disciplines, 94 master's disciplines, (including MBA, MPA), and 50 undergraduate disciplines.

Adhering to the policies of internationalization and open-running, HEU has established the partnerships with over 100 universities and research institutions, more than 20 countries, such as California University, Berkeley (US), North Dakota State University (US), the University of Sydney(Australia), University of Strathclyde (UK), Kumoh Institute of Technology(South Korea), Far Eastern State Technical University (Russian), the National University of Electro-Communication (Japan), etc. about joint programs of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. In last few years, dedicating to cultivate international excellent talents, HEU has cultivated more than thousands students from over 45 countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal, India, etc.

Harbin is located in the Mandarin language areas, known as "The Cradle of Announcer". There are many drama and movie actor, radio and television announcers are from Harbin to other cities in China. Meanwhile, Harbin creates good environment to study mandarin, because residents speak standard Chinese and correct pronunciation, and attracts lots of foreign students to study at Harbin.

Harbin Engineering University warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to study and visit.

Non-degree Chinese Language Program

The students will attend different and proper classes according to their various Chinese language levels. There are A, B, C, D, E, F, totally 6 levels of Chinese Learning courses in HEU. Each level is more progressive than another, each being a separate unit. In the teaching process, the teachers do not only lay stress on the intensifying communicative competence and training reading skills, and also promote the students’ comprehensive Chinese language ability. There are maximum 20 students in each class of A, B, C and maximum 15 students in each class of D, E, and F. The unit of non-degree Chinese language program is semester; there are 18 weeks for studying in one semester, including 17 teaching weeks and 1 exam week.


A(required) Chinese Training Chinese Pronunciation Basic Survey of Chinese Chinese Reading and Writing Survey of China
B(required) Elementary Spoken Chinese(A) Elementary Chinese Listening (A) Elementary Chinese Reading (A) Elementary Chinese Comprehension (A)  
C(required) Elementary Spoken Chinese(B) Elementary Chinese Listening (B) Elementary Chinese Reading (B) Elementary Chinese Comprehension (B)  
D(required) Newspaper and Magazine Reading Basic Chinese Composition Modern Chinese Grammar Intermediate Chinese Listening and Spoken Intermediate Chinese Comprehension (A)
E(required) Newspaper and Magazine Reading Basic Chinese Composition Modern Chinese Grammar Intermediate Chinese Listening and Spoken Intermediate Chinese Comprehension (B)
F(required) Advanced Spoken Chinese Advanced Chinese Reading and Composition Advanced Chinese Comprehension (A) News Listening (A) Survey of China Society
Option HSK(Elementary and Intermediate) HSK (Advanced) Business Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese idioms Reading and Pronunciation
Martial Art Zither      

 Application Period and Requirement

  Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application Time Due to January 10 Due to July 31
Semester Opening March 1 September 1
Requirement Over 16-year-old, non-Chinese Citizens

B.A Degree of Chinese Language Program (Undergraduate)

B.A of Chinese Language Program is mainly cultivates the students to have the fluent Chinese language skills, systematically master Chinese fundamental theories and Chinese humanity knowledge, familiarize with the Chinese situation and social culture, grasp the essential approach of documents searching and information query, own the elementary scientific research and practical work competence, and become the applied advanced specialized talents of undertaking the exchange of international economy and culture.

The program will be separating class and all the students will study together. After obtaining the required credits and passing all the exams, the candidate will be awarded the Chinese Language Program Graduation Certificate, and awarded the B.A degree certificate in accordance with graduate thesis defense.

Curricula Introduction:

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese listening, oral Chinese, Chinese reading, Chinese writing, Chinese grammar, China survey, Chinese modern literature, Ancient literature, translation, business oral Chinese, Chinese economy, Chinese foreign economic trade, Chinese culture, social survey, Speech and eloquence, tourism geography, zither, Chinese Taichi, etc..

Application Requirements:

Application Requirement Beginners In good health, graduates of Senior High School or above, and has HSK Band 3 or equivalent level.
Joining class to Grade Two 1. Studying in the related Chinese major in domestic or foreign regular university for more than 1 year with eligible achievements certificate;
2. Passing HSK4, or corresponded exact which is organized by HEU;
Application Period Due to June 30
Academic Year Opening September 1


(Unit: yuan RMB)

TUITION Academic year:13800 Semester:6100 2 weeks:1250
3 weeks:1650
Month:1650 4 weeks:2100
One more week, add 450
ACCOMADATION Long-term:500-600/month/room Short-term:25 /day/room
Electricity, water, gas: self-paid Electricity, water, gas: 20 /week
Internet: self-paid
INSURANCE Self-paid1 month: 1206 months:300
2—3 months:1801 year:600

Remittance bank account:

City: Harbin
Account name:  Harbin Engineering University
Bank account: 3500040709008802226
The name of remitter should be the same with the applicant’s name in the passport.

Application materials:

  1. HEU Application Form for International Students” (recent passport-size photos (3.5㎝×5.3㎝)without hat);
  2. Passport photocopy;
  3. Registration fee
  4. The latest diploma certificate (notarized in Chinese or English)
  5. Chinese language proficiency
  6. Transcript of high school (notarized in Chinese or English)

※ The application materials and registration fee are non-refundable.

  • Non-degree program applicant should submit 1-3items;
  • B.A Degree of Chinese Language Program applicant should submit 1-6 items;
  • Mid-joining applicant for B.A Chinese Language Program should submit 1-6 items;

The Application Procedure:

The eligible students could apply by post, internet, or to our office, submit “ HEU Application Form for International Students”

All the completed application materials should be posted or sent to International Students’ Section, International Exchange & Cooperation Office, Harbin Engineering University.

The Registration fee payment (should pay by remittances or friends)

Contact Information: