College introduction

Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University is an independent college officially approved (with a No.149 education approval document in 2008) by the Ministry of Education for undergraduates’ cultivation. The students of the college shall obtain an undergraduate diploma printed by the Ministry of Education and issued by Honder College of Inner Mongolia University, which is acknowledged by the State after they acquire all the necessary credits; the students qualified for the bachelor degree shall be issued a bachelor degree by the college.

The school is located on the north of airport road of Hohhot, with a land of over 500 mu and construction area of 197, 000 m2, and adjacent to the new east train station. The college has its own beautiful teaching building, dormitory building, dinning hall, sports ground, and some places for leisure. There also are several computer rooms, multimedia classrooms, dance studios, piano rooms and so on. Many practicing and training fields in and outside the college are set up. Over 500, 000 books are contained in the library. More than 20 foreign teachers from America, England, France, Canada, Japan and other countries are hired for teaching. The current teaching and living condition can meet different kinds of teaching and living requirements for 8000 students.

Following the cultural tradition of Inner Mongolia Normal University, relying on its superb education resources, face up to the requirements of current economy and society, Honder College of I.M.N.U. strives to cultivate some high-quality talents with initiative spirit and practical ability. Such six majors with 14 development directions initially listed in the students recruiting program are English, tourism management, preprimary education, engineering management, journalism, artistic designing. The teaching management, students’ files management, students’ administration, recommendation and employment for students as well as students’ dispatching after graduation are fully exerted in accordance with the relevant rules of the State and our Autonomous Region.

Fully utilizing new systems to engage in higher education, the college shall create a first-rate new school by adopting top quality teaching and special education modes so as to cultivate more excellent talents.

International Exchange and Cooperation

Honder College is the earlier part that employs foreign teachers to work in Inner Mongolia .It also caters to the following programs, international exchange and cooperation, inviting foreign professors to give speeches and organize a group to study abroad and make friendship with international colleges and institutions.

Qualification of enrollment

Anyone who graduated from high school in good health, would obey the laws and decrees of the People's Republic of China and the regulations of the Honder College, is qualified to enroll in the program.

Admission procedure and materials to be provided

Application forms are available at for downloading. Application for Admission of Foreign students studying in Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University

Application for Admission of Foreign students studying in Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University should be mailed to our school with the following materials:


Department Major Undergraduate 专科学制
English English Four Years Three Years
English for Foreigner Four Years Three Years
Management Tourism Management Four Years Three Years
Project Management Four Years Three Years
Civil engineering Four Years Three Years
Humanities Pre-school Education Four Years Three Years
Net News Four Years Three Years
Art Interior Design Four Years Three Years
Fine Arts Four Years Three Years
Film and Art Cartoon Four Years Three Years
TV Direct Four Years Three Years
Photography Teachnique Four Years Three Years


First Prize Scholarship:5000RMB
Second Prize Scholarship:3000RMB
Third Prize Scholarship:2000RMB


The college offers work-study opportunities to foreign students. Work and study in China usually refers to teaching in language schools or tutoring .The College will arrange it.

Application Form for international students

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