Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine is founded in 1959. Through 47 years development, it has become a university of Chinese Medicine education, scientific research, and medical treatment. In 2004, it has been rated as excellent in an undergraduate-education evaluation from the ministry of education of China. It is a provincial key university of Heilongjiang Province and is also a main center of Chinese Medicine education, scientific research, and medical treatment, as well as being a center of northern medicine development. It enjoys its top position in the 27 universities of Chinese medicine of China and is also in the top-50 medical universities list of china.

  Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine is located in Harbin, one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in northeastern China. The main building and the hall are Eastern European architectures which are second class preserved building of China. There is also a unique Chinese medicine culture parkway named ^The road of famous doctors ̄ which consists of 21 sculptures devoted to the great Chinese Medical Scholars.

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International Education College

  Starting in 1986, the overseas student education program of Heilongjianguniversity of Chinese medicine has a 20-year history. Through several years of effort and exploration, our college has accumulated considerable experience in overseas student education, and at meanwhile we have had an increasing number of overseas students and higher levels of training. In the aspect of teaching we adopt an approach that overseas students and native students attend classes and take examination together. This is done for the purpose of training the overseas students for better Chinese communication and for a better understanding of Chinese medicine. And in the aspect of administration, we have already established an effective administrative system, for ^serving the students ̄ as our guideline. So far, the our college has cultivated more than 4000 overseas students from 20 countries and regions, received over 500 overseas visiting scholars, and established communication and cooperation relations with 30 foreign institutes from 20 countries and regions. The overseas student education has been developed from short-term and specific training program at the very beginning to short-term training program, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral educations.