Hebei Normal University is a provincial key university with hundred years' history and glorious tradition. The university originated from the Beijing Shuntianfu School that was created in 1902 and Tianjin Beiyang Female Normal School that was created in 1906, which is one of the earliest and most scaled advanced normal universities in China. Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the school has trained more than 180 thousand professional talents for the country.

The school campus occupies 81.5ha, and has well over of 3.2 million books in the library. At present, the university has 2,957 staff, in which, there are 1,495 full-time teachers, 304 professors, 550 associate professors, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 116 all kinds of experts above provincial level, 126 PhD tutors, and 727 Master tutors. There are 31,135 undergraduate students and associated students, 3,180 graduated students, and 19,765 adult education students.

Now the university has 21 colleges, and 1 independent college. It has 81 undergraduate specialties, 11 authorized levels I subjects of master degree, 92 authorized subjects and specialties of master degree, 1 authorized level I subject of PhD, and 25 authorized subjects and specialties of PhD. The subject covers nine categories, namely philosophy, jurisprudence, economics, literature, history, pedagogy, management science, science, and engineering. It has 1 national key subject, 6 postdoctoral research centers, 2 national demonstration centers for experimental teaching, 4 strong featured subjects of Hebei Province, 15 provincial key subjects and provincial key laboratories, and 5 provincial demonstration centers for experimental teaching. The university has some scientific institutes, such as education science institute, subject teaching institute, ancient book collation institute, and etc.

Hebei Normal University began to develop international communication and cooperation since 1990s, and has set up interschool communication relationship with more than 30 universities and colleges of America, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Korea and etc. The university is a unit with qualification of enrolling foreign students that approved by the former China National Education Committee, that it can enroll foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Nowadays, there are more than 300 long and short term language and degree students from Japan, Korea, Italy, Britain, America, Canada and etc. who study here every year. In 2010, the new campus of Hebei Normal University will be operational. At that time, the existing four campuses will be integrated into one whole. The new campus in construction is 1392m long from east to west, and 940m wide from south to north, which occupies 130ha. area, and near to the planned express railway station. After the new campus is completed, there will be 30 thousand students to residing there.

Hebei Province is located in hinterland of northern China, which is in the cradle of Chinese single official language -- Putonghua. The biggest difference between Hebei and Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities in southeastern and southern regions that have strong local dialect is that here has a large amount of Putonghua users with standard pronunciation.

The capital city Shijiazhuang of Hebei Province that Hebei Normal University locates in is a key joint on the main traffic line of south to north, it only takes two hours to Beijing and  Tianjin by CRH train with more than 250km per hour. Many express ways through and across south to north and east to west of China are crossing here. The Zhengding airport has docking qualification for international flight, it has flights from Shijiazhuang to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and etc. 24 cities including Hong Kong, and regular flights to large, medium cities of Russia, Korea and other neighbor countries. As a province has most neighbor provinces, and surrounding Beijing and Tianjin, the unique location, convenient traffic condition of Hebei Province, and more preferential education and living expense compared with Beijing and other big cities, it extremely facilitate foreign students to study here.

For the foreign students that want to learn in China to improve Putonghua level, and intent to study in more fields, it is easy to find features to scan Hebei Normal University and Hebei province whatever from language environment, traffic condition, location, and consumption level