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Admission Procedures


  1. Submitting the following documents to International Office of HMU: Completed Application Form of Harbin Medical University with photo (can be downloaded on website);
  2. Copies of the latest verified schooling certificate or prove of potential graduation. If the applicant is studying or employed, the verification should be provided by the school or the company;
  3. Verified high-middle school graduate examination transcript or schooling transcript
  4. Copy of valid passport
  5. Original document of financial situation and the proof issued by bank the deposit should be more than 400000RMB
  6. Letter of guarantee by a Chinese sponsor with evidence of the sponsor's identity (can be downloaded our website);
  7. Do the examination as “Foreigner medical examination record”, must include photograph of chest X - ray examination, original blood tests for AIDS and syphilis and Hepatitis B. it is invalid if it is not completed, without photo or seal. The validity of examination is 6 months.
  8. The applicant taught in English should be good at English. The applicant from non-English speaking country must provide English test certificate arranging from elementary school to middle school.
    The applicant taught in Chinese should provide verified HSK grade-6 (including grade6)transcript.
  9. The master, doctor and postdoctor applicant should provide recommendation letters written by more than assistant professor or professor.
  10. Four passport photos
  11. The registration fee must be remitted to the account of Harbin Medical University and it would not be returned.
  12. Deadline of application: January 31 every year
  13. The documents mentioned above would not be returned, no matter the applicant is enrolled or not.

Application Procedure

  1. After receiving the materials (mentioned above), we will assess the applicant qualification. Then we will send the scanning copy of <Admission Letter> to the applicant who gets the qualification. After receiving the materials (mentioned above), we will send the JW202 FORM, Acceptance Letter and the Fee Structure to the applicant. The name list of enrolled applicant will be announced on website of HMU.
  2. The international students should hold the common passport and “X” or “F” visa. Studying over 6 months, the applicant should apply for the “X” visa. Studying less than 6 months, the applicant should apply for the “F” visa. The short-term international students should apply for the “F” visa by invitation letter.
  3. If the applicant comes to China with diplomatic, official business, official and special passport or visa, the note should be presented by the mission of his/her country to claim that the privilege is given up. And then the visa is changed to “X” or “F” visa by Police