Majors List
Department Major Materials Required
Basic Education Class for rudiments of Chinese Language *1. Application form with photos sticked;
*2. Degree diploma either in Chinese or English original copy or notarized documents (The notarized graduation documents should be offered for the fresh graduates who haven’t obtained the degree diploma before registration in Guiyang Vocational and Technical College.) ;
*3. Formal transcript of the school from which you graduated either in Chinese or English original copy or notarized document;
* 4. Copy of Passport;
*5. Resume (both in Chinese and English);
*6.Physical Examination Certificate for Foreigner;
*7. Proof of income;
8. Other documents required by specified department;
9.Transcript Copy of the level 3 or above of HSK.
Note: The materials with “*” have to be sent to the college before registration.
Class for preparing HSK
Food & Medicine Bio-pharmacy Technology
Pharmacy Science
City Planning and Developing Engineering Cost Management
Project Management
Landscape Technology
Finance & Business Computerized Accounting
Logistics Management
Tourism Management Hotel Management
Tourism Management
Fairs and Exhibition Planing and Management
Equipment Manufacturing Mechatronics Technology
Aviation Electro-mechanical Equipment  Maintenance
Numerical Control Technology
Information Science Applied Technology of Internet of Things
Computer Networking Technology