College Introduction

Guiyang Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time institute co-managed provincially and municipally, trains advanced-level technicians on the front line of production, construction, management and services.

Full Name: Guiyang Vocational and Technical College
Property: Public
Code: 14129
Level: Higher Vocational Education
Type: Regular Higher Education
Mode: Regular Full-time

The college is located in No. 609, Yuntan South Road (behind Jinyang Coach Station and in front of Olympic Center), Guan Shanhu District, Guiyang City, covering an area of 166 acres and 38% of which are the building area. It has 5 branches: there are Urban Rail Transportation, Equipment Manufacturing, Phosphorus Coal Chemistry, City Planning and Developing, and Food and Medicine Production and Testing; 10 departments including the Department of Rail Transit, the Department of Finance and Business, the Department of Information Science, the Department of Tourism Management, the Department of Biological and Chemistry Engineering, the Department of Architecture Engineering, the Department of Art, the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Water Technology, the Department of Mechatronics Technology, and the Department of Resource Exploration and Engineering Management; 2 municipal centers (Numerical Control Processing Engineering Technology Research Center, Agricultural Products Detection Center); 2 vocational education groups (Phosphorus Coal Chemistry Vocational Education Group and Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group); 2 provincial top workshops; Other educational institutes:Basic Education Division; Middle Vocational Education Division; Ideological and Political Education Division; Continuing Education Division; Training Division and Training Center.

The college has 48 majors: Chinese, railway, urban rail transit, finance and economy, architecture planning, tourism and exhibition, information, phosphorus coal chemistry, Bio-chemical pharmacy, mechanical and electric, aviation, community service, arts, geology and minerals and so on. Particularly, majors of railway, urban rail transit, information, phosphorus coal chemistry, Bio-chemical pharmacy, mechanical and electric, aviation, arts, geology and minerals have realized the idea of “orders for admission, pre-determined employment”.The college has 10,000 full-time students,593 faculties, 406 professional teachers, 5 professors and 145 associate professors, 98 Doctors and Masters, 222 double-certificate teachers.

The College is equipped with brand new teaching buildings, labs, training centers, library, administration building, stadium, sports center and perfect logistic service facilities. It is surrounded by Guiyang Coach Station, Guiyang Olympic Center, Guan Shanhu Park, Guizhou Armed Police Corps, Jinyang Bihai Garden, convenient traffic.


With the strategy of “basing on Guiyang, being oriented towards Guizhou Province, and opening eyes throughout China,” the whole staff of Guiyang Vocational and Technical College are striving to construct it as a comprehensive, creative, open and characteristic college with larger scale, higher teaching quality, greater social and economic contribution and distinct school-running features.The college is trying to develop with a rapid speed, “which goes beyond the past, the western part and the national average level”,and makes efforts to achieve the goal of “Three-Step Plans”. According to the “Notice About the Plan of Studying in China” issued by the Ministry of Education of China and the cooperative agreement of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, Guiyang Vocational and Technical College will focus on training international talents in trade, economy, tourism, language, agriculture and industry for pursuing welfare for the people from China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.


Adhering to the idea of highlighting the school-running feature, servicing local economy, enhancing external cooperation and promoting the quality on talents training, Guiyang Vocational and Technical College takes the initiative to adapt to the market by running school with enterprises which are key industries in Guiyang City, such as social service, pharmaceutical industry, tourism, rail transit, phosphorus chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, urban and rural construction and business; by constructing strategic alliance with National Railway Corporation-Chengdu Railway Bureau, Guizhou Kailin (group) Co.,Ltd., Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Co. and Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd. and so on. The college also pay much attention to the cooperation with the international educational institutes, such as Canadore College in Canada, American Hotel & Lodging in America, Nilai University in Malaysia, Confucius Institute in Cambodia, University of Management and Economics College of Cambodia, Chung Chou University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. The college has enrolled 34 international students from ASEAN countries in 2013, which has become a new highlight of the college in talents training.