About us

The Chinese Educational Base, a foreign-oriented public institution administrated by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, is financed by Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School and operated under the direction of the Provincial Education Department. It is the base for the Chinese Culture Transmission Centre-Chanwu Centre of the International Chanwu Union, the only technical secondary school which has the qualification for enrolling overseas students and the approved centre for several national and provincial level occupational skill tests. Founded in 1979, the school has always been dedicating herself to vocational education and Chinese education, upholding the tenet of “people oriented, service for overseas Chinese” and adhering to the school-running principle of “signing the school with distinction, invigorating the school with uniqueness”. Under the leadership of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and with the support of the Overseas Exchange Association of Guangdong Province, the school has hosted many students and visitors from more than twenty countries of Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, and China’s Hongkong and Taiwan Districts. It also holds teachers’ classes, dancing classes, and summer and winter camps for overseas visitors. Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School is a comprehensive language and culture school which is dedicated mainly to providing an education in the Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture for foreigners and Chinese from Hongkong, Macao and other overseas regions and to promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between China and other countries.

Our school has cooperated with International Chan Wu Federation in setting up the Chan Wu Center which considers the Chan Wu Spirit of “training the mind with Buddhism and training the body with martial art” as its tenet and focuses it attention in teaching and transmitting Chinese Chan Spirit and martial art culture. The Chan Wu Center invites the ex-monk in Chinese Songshan Shaolin Monastery to be the coach in this class. Our school has cooperated with South China Normal University,Ji’nan University and Sun Yat-Sen University in conducting classes, such as Chinese class in high grades, adult vocational education and Chinese teaching training class. The Universities and our school share resources, have complementary advantages and co-develop. We adhere to the tenet of “serving for the Overseas Chinese”. We have enhanced our educational degrees after we have a firm education foundation.

Experienced full-time teachers are ready to carry out teaching according to students’ different levels, personalities and potentialities. The school puts great emphasis on absorbing new education ideas and innovation. “Student Foremost” and “Learning with Fun” are actively promoted, which contribute a lot to developing students’ interest in study, their creative abilities and cooperative spirit. Technical skill training and teaching results are in the spot light. The base has 26 laboratories, more than 10 multimedia classrooms, language labs; and Chinese classes for overseas students are all equipped with multimedia devices.

We adhere to the principle of ‘people oriented and service supreme’ and the school motto of ‘learn widely, work perseveringly, act virtuously and live self-resignedly’. The campus carries out school discipline strictly and combines the administration and tutoring harmoniously. There are more than ten academic and cultural clubs for enriching students’ campus life. We hold variable academic and physical exercises and professional skill contests periodically. All these activities will help the students to develop decent behavior and construct positive and motivating atmosphere. These all are intended to help the students to find their own ways to behave, work, study and live their life.

Each semester, the school will arrange the students to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), and a training program for the students will be provided before the test.

Facilities in students’ apartment include telephone, air-conditioner, bathroom, water heater, Water dispenser, Internet access, color TV, and washing machine, etc

Majors and Programs

Chinese Class:

Long-term class

Chinese Class Objective Primary: Zero-level learners of Chinese will master about 2000 Chinese words and the basics of Chinese grammar, have the basic ability to communicate, read and write in Chinese. After finishing the courses, they will be able to pass the HSK The Chinese Proficiency Test) (level 3- level 5) or the equivalent. Intermediate: Learners who have reached the primary level of Chinese will master about 4500 Chinese words and the intermediate Chinese grammar, have some initial knowledge about China’s traditional culture, have basic skills in listening to, speaking, reading and writing Chinese, and achieve the abilities of oral Chinese communication and written expression. After finishing the courses, they will be able to pass the HSK The Chinese Proficiency Test) (level 6- level 8) or the equivalent. Senior: The learners of intermediate level will master about 7000 Chinese words; The learners will grasp the Chinese language and have some initial knowledge about traditional Chinese culture; The learners will be able to listen to broadcasting and television programs and apprehend Chinese readings; The learners will master the Chinese skill higher than or equivalent to the higher education level, use Chinese affluently in social, tourism and business communication. After completion of the courses, the learners will manage to pass HSK (level 6- level 8) or the equivalent.
Main Courses Primary: Phonetics, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Martial Arts, Culture and Art
Intermediate: Intermediate Reading, Intermediate Speaking, Intermediate
Listening, Intermediate Writing, HSK Test Ability and skills, general knowledge of Chinese culture and Art.
Senior: Senior Reading, Senior Speaking, Senior Listening, Senior Writing, Applied Writing, Chinese culture and art.
Duration one academic year(two semesters)  【tuition:RMB12000 per year】
Short-term Class Objectives Zero-level learners of Chinese will learn the basic Chinese words and the basics of Chinese grammar and learn how to make this knowledge into real application. The students graduate from this class will have the basic ability to communicate, read and write in Chinese.
Main Courses Phonetics, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Martial Arts, Culture and Art
Duration Two weeks – three months【tuition: from RMB1200 to RMB 5500】
Chinese Express for Study, Tourism and Business Enrollment Object The Chinese Express is for foreigners who are interested in Chinese culture or want to study, work, and travel or do business in China.
Objectives Learners will master some basic knowledge of Chinese and have certain ability to listen to, speak, read and write Chinese; they will understand the intention of their conversation counterparts better and express themselves properly; they will be able to use Chinese in social and business activities.
Main Courses Required Courses:  Read and Write Chinese, Chinese Characters, Conversation in Chinese and Chinese listening
Optional Courses:  Tourism Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese for Foreign Trade, Business Culture of China and Chinese Writing
Duration The duration will vary from 2 months to 4 months, depending on the situation and needs of learners. The time schedule of courses can be adjusted to the conditions of the students, e.g.the time for classes can be arranged in either daytime or evening from Monday to Friday and in daytime of Saturday and Sunday. Minimum number of students to start a class: 10 students or above.【tuition: from RMB4000 to RMB 7000】
Listening and Speaking Class Objectives Mainly focuses on the practical teaching, emphasize listening, speaking; Chinese study enable the learners recognize Chinese Character, read and use the Chinese. The learners will be able to express themselves correctly and make daily conversation influent in Chinese.
Main Courses Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Listening and Speaking
Listening and Speaking Class
Duration one academic year(two semesters)【tuition:RMB12000 per year】
Chinese Culture Specific Study Class Chanwu Class The learners who are qualified in the training test will be given the title and clothing corresponding to his/her skill level. The learners who have prominent performance will be invited to participate in martial art contest in school and abroad.
Chinese Painting Study Chinese Calligraphy, Brush painting and ink painting. Appreciate the aesthetic power and delicateness; comprehend the charming of Chinese brush painting.
Folk Dancing Learning different ethnic minority’s folk dancing, experience the aesthetics of Chinese Folk dancing pattern and clothing
Handcraft Class Learning Chinese scissor-cut skill, Origami, ikebana and
Chinese Knot Braiding. Experience the Chinese environment.
Cantonese Class Cantonese is the mother tongue in Guangdong District. This
Language is wildly used among the vast oversea Chinese.
Mastering Cantonese is useful in studying, working and communicating with oversea Chinese in the world.
Chinese Class of Adult Education (community college diploma) The length of schooling is two years. The graduate students could have further study in undergraduate courses in Chinese Education Department of South China Normal University or Ji’nan University. Graduate diploma will be issued by The Chinese Education Department.【tuition:RMB12000 per year】
Chinese Teaching Training Class Our school has cooperated with Chinese Education Department of South China Normal University or Ji’nan University in all kinds of Chinese teaching training. The arrangement of study and accommodation is done by our school. Graduate diploma will be issued by The Chinese Education Department.

Each semester, the school will arrange the students to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), and a training program for the students before the test will be provided.

Summer/Winter Camp for Overseas Teenagers

Study and Tour Program Activity Arrangement The program focuses on Chinese learning and China’s Culture and arts, meanwhile, tours and sightseeing in Guangdong Province will be arranged too.
(1)Learning the Chinese Language: Phonetics, Character Writing, speaking
(2)Learning the Traditional Chinese Culture: Martial Arts, Folk Dances, Calligraphy and Painting, Lectures on History and Geography
(3)Tours on sightseeing and local customs: Visits to the scenic spots with rich Chinese culture flavor in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and some other places
Objectives (1)The campers will have a good command of Chinese phonetic symbols and know how to look up a Chinese word in the dictionary according to its pronunciation.
(2)The campers will recognize the structural features and the writing rules of Chinese characters, and they will know how to look up a Chinese word in the dictionary according to its structural feature and writing rule.
(3)The campers will master the commonly-used Chinese sentence patterns, and they will be able to communicate in daily Chinese.
(4)The campers will learn 1-2 complete martial arts (selected from Taiji, Changquan and Nanquan) or 1-2 Chinese folk dances.
(5)The campers will learn some basic knowledge about Chinese history and geography.
Duration 3 to 8 weeks (in which the time for study is no less than 20 days)【RMB260 per day】
Roots-Seeking Tour Activity Arrangement The main purpose of the tour will be going to the native place of the campers for root-seeking, ancestors worshiping and visiting places of interest. These activities are combined with the learning of Chinese language, calligraphy, painting and martial arts.
Duration 2 to 4 weeks (in which the time for study is no less than 40 periods)【RMB350 per day】

Facilities in students’ apartment include telephone, air-conditioner, bathroom, water heater, Water dispenser, Internet access, color TV, and washing machine, etc.

Fellowship and scholarship

1. Fellowship: Special fellowship for every semester is awarded. Fellowship will be dispensed per one person monthly to the students that conformed to the school’s standards.

2.Scholarship: For those excellent overseas students (who has studied over half a year) according to grade appraisal on study performance and daily behaviors. (for top 10% of all the foreign students).First grade : RMB 800; Second grade: RMB 500; Third grade: RMB 300. The scholarship can counteract the relative tuition fee.

The above preferential items are offered only for students of Chinese class. For students of secondary vocational class, they will enjoy the same premium standard as the inland students.

Admission Procedures

1. Prospective Students: Foreigners and Overseas Chinese

2. Time for School Opening:

For the Elementary Chinese Class and Intermediate Chinese Class, students can apply for either spring or fall semester. The school opening time is end of February or early March for the spring semester and end of August or early September for the fall semester.

The special secondary vocational classes are available every fall of the year and the school opening time is from end of August or beginning of September

The Speed-up Chinese Class is available all year round as long as there are no less than 10 people.

3. Application Time: Spring——From January to March Autumn——From May to August

Note: Non-degree Program is open for transfer students in both fall and spring semesters. For applicants who fail to process application in regulated time, please contact the International Department

Introduction of Vocational Education Major and Lesson Contain

Our school has a 30 years history in conducting education and possesses a strong contingent of excellent teaching staff. We have great attention in theoretical teaching and real application practice training. By now, we have set up 11 majors, which are characterized by Computerized Accounting, Numerical Controlled Technology Application and Animation for Game, Graphic Design, and Interior Design.【tuition:RMB8000-10000】

major and time table

【Computerized Accounting】

Main courses: Basic of Accounting and stimulated training, Financial Accounting and stimulated training, Computerized Accounting and stimulated training, Cost Accounting and stimulated training, Financial Management, Tax Law, Economic Law, Statistics and Fundamentals of Computer Application.

Main Courses:Logistics Industry Statement, Product, Basic of Modern Logistics, Logistics Service, Management Practices in Logistics Company, Logistics Laws and Regulations, Marketing, Sells Psychology, International Trade Practices and Cost Accounting in Logistics Company.

【Business English】

Main Courses:Economy and Trade Regulation, International Trade Practices, International Trade Documents, E-commerce General Theory, Marketing, Elementary English, Audio-visual-speaking English, Business English, English Business Correspondence, Business Speaking English, Secretary English and Public Relations Etiquette.


Main courses:Introduction to E-commerce, Webpage Designing and making, Business Webpage Construction and Maintenance, Network Marketing, E-commerce Practice, Logistics and Distribution, Modern Business, Computer Network and Application, Network Advertisement, Photoshop and Marketing Investigation and Analytics.

【Numerical Controlled Technology Application】

Main Courses: Mechanical Cartography, CAD, Basic of Mechanism, Electrician Technique, Electrical Meter Inspection, Electrical Towage, Automatic Control, Programming Control Technique, Numerically Control Machine Tool Technique, Maintenance of Machine Tool, Machine Tool Failure Inspection and Maintenance, Locksmith and Welder Training, Electrician Training, Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Maintenance Training and Machine Tool Major Repair Training.

【Animation for Game】

Main Courses: Fundamentals of Game Design, Shape Design Fundamentals of Game, Fundamentals of Game Color, Flash Animation, Flash games, 3D Game Prop, 3D Game Scenes, 3D Game Characters, Practical 3D Game Fine Arts, Practical Flash Animation, Career Expansion and Vocational Quality Training.

【 Graphic Design】
Main Courses: Computer Application, Computer Networks and Application, Web Page Creation, Computer Assembly and Maintenance, Fundamentals of Fine Art, Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Photoshop, CorelDraw, 3Dmax, Advertisement Design and Package Design.

【Interior Design】

Main Courses: Basic of Drawing Design(Sketch, Graphic Design, Color painting and Color); Space design, Drawing(Cubic Construction, Graphic Construction, Anatomize Construction, Perspective Drawing); Ergonomics, Interior design elements and programming, Interior design and interior space design, Interior interface design, Furniture and display, Interior evanescence design, indoor color design, interior illumination, home indoor design, materials, construction technique, budget, Auto CAD, 3DS MAX, PHOTOSHOP, Decoration design software.

Newly established professional are:electrical and mechanical applications、exhibition design、 business assistant (executive secretaryand special security) professional、 secretarial expertise(Chinese language for foreigners )

Introduction of the Chinese Culture Succession Base-Chan Wu Center

In order to meet the growing cultural needs of the overseas Chinese,Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association promote International Chan Wu Federation and our school to build Chinese cultural heritage platform • Chan Wu Center. The aim of founding this centre is to satisfy the desire of learning Buddhism and martial art of the domestic people and foreign people who are crazy about the Chinese Martial Art, and it plays a great role in the promotion of Guangdong local culture, school culture and the cultural exchanges from home and abroad.

Chan Wu Centre is located in Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School in the beautiful evanescence. There are two study training districts: Chan and Martial Art training districts. The Martial Art training district is equipped with traditional training tools, such as quincuncialpiles, one-leg-post, horse-stand piles, wooden dummy, earth bags, portal frame, agile frame, straight-end wall, jump sand pit, iron chain, stone chain, water cylinder, sword, spear, rod and chain. The Chan training district is equipped with tea pot, Kong Fu tea sets. The learners could make tea, learning calligraphy and have Chan wisdom seminars in this place. The energetic Martial Art training district and peaceful Chan training district have fully display the perfect combination of great nature and the ideology of training the mind with Chan and training the body with martial art.

The true essence of Chan is to pursue the peace and welfare of inner heart and to improve the cognition of life by self-contemplating. Meanwhile, the true essence of Shaolin Kong Fu is to improve the body flexibility, cultivate one’s perseverance and then to be more flexible and more resistant by training physical and functional capacity. Also, this Kong Fu training has its focus on people’s inner merit and spirit. The culture of Chan and Kong Fu is the classical section of Chinese traditional culture. With the ideology of work and teach with virtue and Chan, the main principle of this federation is to combine the Chan and Kong Fu harmoniously, spread the cultural essence of Kong Fu and cultivate the learners to establish the Chan Wu Spirit of training the mind with Chan and training the body with martial art. The International Chan Wu Federation teaches traditional etiquette, rigorous commandment and martial merit to students. The teaching leads students to behave well and build up fine values for life.

Chan Wu Center is an interaction and study platform for all Kong Fu schools, where trainees can learn not only Shaolin Kong Fu, but that of other schools. Promoting Chan Wu, sprit, spreading Chinese culture and building harmonious world are the school’s relentless pursuit.

After its establishment in May,2009,Chan Wu Center has held the First Overseas Chinese Chan Wu Experience Class sponsored by Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association and Agile The First Series of Overseas Chinese Youth Chan Wu Culture Training Class sponsored by Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China. These two classes raised wide public concern for its peculiarity. The Channel Sports of Guangdong TV reported the news as it develops. Moreover, 24 distinguished persons has been engaged as consultants of Chan Wu Center, they will promote the spreading of the excellent Chan Wu culture.

Team of Chan Wu Center:

Chen Younan,Australia Brisbane International Kung Fu College Dean 国际禅武联盟名誉主席、少林寺武僧总教练释德扬大师
国际禅武联盟段志超副秘书长、禅武中心执行总教官 Zhang Biao,Coach of Chan Wu Center
Shi Xinghong, Chairman of International Chan Wu Feder Zhenglang,Coach of Chan Wu Center
Spirit of Chan and Martial art

Chan, is inner Peace Chan is way for better oneself, Wu is power and strength a way to strengthen ones body is the combination of the two that you can achieve wholeness, it is this wholeness that Chanwu center is teaching to its fellow students through teaching Chinese traditional Martial art and Chinese culture to fellow student will help students achieve wholeness..

In order for the youths to have a better health and better state of mind and to help the transmitting Chinese Culture,we hereby organized the "Spirit of martial art" Chanwu experience youth summer camp is now enrolling members of the Public community student enrolling must be 6-14 years of age or 15 years of age and above.

Enrollment plan

Class Enrollment Time Camp
Check in
Lesson Contain Notice
Pre-teen Now to 26 of June Jun 28  to Aug 11 June 27th Chan: five discipline,and ten respect,chan tea, Chanwu lecture, Chinese Calligraphy  
Martial art:basic Forms,Chanwu tongzhigong
Chan: five discipline,and ten respect,chan tea, Chanwu lecture, Chinese Calligraphy
Martial art;Shaolin eighteen style,baduanjing, hand to hand combat, optional: Shaolin Kungfu Fist, Shaolin Seven Star Fist, Shaolin saber, Shaolin stick (Choose one)  

1.can stay in the school Dormitory, and train during the day,
2.Full time training every day no less then 6 hour a day
3.Trainee must work training experience.

Teenage Now to June 26th    Jun 28 to—Aug 11th June 27th

Time Table

Lesson time 5:30-7:00 9:00-11:30 15:00-17:00 19:30-21:00 22:00
Full time
Lecture or Movie viewing Lights
Part Time
Non Pre-noon
Afternoon Non Non
Meal time Breakfast  —7:20,Lunch—12:00,Dinner—18:00

Fee standard (14 day count)

Lesson Fee Meal
Total Note
Full time 250RMB/Person/Day(included Accommodation ) Charge to your personal IC Card
Depend on self chose 
50 RMB 3550 RMB/Person 。Each trainee will be issued, student Guide, Note book, Pen, after examination if pass certification of Completion Accommodation Standard : Tv, Washing machine, Water dispenser, Water heater, and air-con Meal: School Dinning Hall.
Part Time 160RMB/Person/Day(do not include Accommodation) 2290 RMB/Person
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