Gennral introduction


Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology (referred as GCU) is a multidisciplinary institution with over 18,000 registered students studying engineering, economics, management, literature, science and art. GCU covers an area of 283 acres with beautiful lakes and green hills and enjoys the reputation as “one of the most beautiful campus in Guangzhou”.

GCU values the “student-focused principle”, it aims to provide quality education and services to our students. GCU has won the title as “China’s Most Competitive College in Job Market”, GCU ranked 10th in “Ranking of Independent Colleges in China” released in March 2015 by Chinese Alumni Network and becomes the “five-star college”, “First-rate Independent Colleges in China”.

GCU also values educational internationalization and has established collaborations with universities from USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, U.K., Australia, Netherlands and etc. Students will have opportunities for international exchanges, studying abroad or earn their dual-degrees by GCU and its foreign partner university.

1.1 Academic Programs

Academic Schools Undergraduate programs Bachelor Degree Language of Instruction
International Business School International Economics & Trade Economics English/Chinese
International Accounting Management English/Chinese
School of Management Business Administration Management Chinese
Human Resource Management Chinese
Marketing Chinese
Accounting Chinese
Financial Management Chinese
E-commerce Chinese
School of Economics International Economics and Trade Economics Chinese
Financial Engineering Chinese
School of Foreign Languages English Literature English
Japanese Japanese
School of Jewelry Product Design Engineering Chinese
Clothing Design Chinese
Gemology and Materials Technology Chinese
School of Automotive Engineering Vehicle Engineering Engineering Chinese
Automobile Service Engineering Chinese
Logistic Engineering Chinese
School of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Chinese
Mechanical-electronic Engineering Chinese
Industrial Design Chinese
School of Electronic and Information Engineering Automation Engineering Chinese
Electronic Information Engineering Chinese
School of ZTE Communications Communication Engineering Engineering Chinese
School of Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering and the Automation Engineering Chinese
School of Computer Engineering Computer Science and Technology Engineering Chinese
Software Engineering Chinese
Network Engineering Chinese
Information and Computer Engineering Chinese
School of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Chinese
School of Architecture Architecture Engineering Chinese

1.2 International Business School

International Business School (IBS) was established for international cooperation in education and it has built relationship with Thomas University (TU), City University of New York-Lehman College, Saint Mary's University, University of West England, Curtin University to deliver 2+2, 3+1 and 4+0 undergraduate programs and mutual credit recognition programs:

①.International Dual-degree Class: This is a joint program between GCU and Thomas Univ., the curriculums are designed according to our partner university, so that students in IBS could choose 4+0 or 3+1 mode. Most courses are taught in English and some core courses are taught by TU teachers. Qualified students could earn bachelor degrees from both GCU and TU. This program also provides bachelor –to- master consecutive programs.
-Major: International Economics & Trade (Concentrations: international business; international trade)
-Major: Accounting (Concentrations: international accounting; international financial management)

② . Chinese/English Bilingual Class: This program provides intensive English courses to enhance students’ English language competence. Most business courses are delivered in English and Chinese so that students shall have language advantages in addition to solid business knowledge in conducting global business after completion of this program. Qualified students will also have opportunities to study abroad in GCU’s foreign partner universities for the third and fourth years to earn bachelor degrees from both GCU and partner universities. This program also provide bachelor –to- master consecutive programs.
-Major: International Economics & Trade (concentration: accounting & finance)
-Major: Accounting (concentration: international finance & investment)

1.3 Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center (LLC)is the GCU institution for Chinese Language training, the LLC has experienced Chinese language teachers and is equipped with advanced facilities for language studies including multimedia classrooms, the phonetics lab and the student’s language activity rooms.

2. GCU’s International Partner Universities

- Thomas University, USA
- City Univ. of New York, Lehman College
- Dallas Baptist University, USA
- Curtin Univ. of Technology, Australia
- University of West England, UK
- Saint Mary’s University, Canada
- University of Windsor, Canada
- NHL Univ. of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

3. Foreign Community at GCU

Foreign Teachers

We have a team of Foreign Teachers from United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, South Africa and Australia. These teachers conduct English classes, French classes and International related subjects (in English). The team of Foreign Teachers is growing rapidly and even though some majors that are fully taught in Chinese, some students will receive Oral English classes.

English Activity Club

Every Thursday evening the Foreign Teachers and English Association organize English Activity club, where Foreign Teachers host different activities like: English resume and application letter checking, oral English, discussion groups, English karaoke, and English cinema.