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In order to further promote the development of international students' education of Liaoning Province by expanding the scale and improving the quality and encourage more foreign students to study in Liaoning, the provincial government decides to set up scholarship scheme for international students (hereinafter referred to scholarship). The scholarship is mainly used to support excellent foreign students and scholars to receive a doctoral degree graduate education in institutions of higher learning in Liaoning Province. The Education Department is in charge of the specific implementation and daily management of the scholarship. The amount of Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students is temporarily RMB 5 million per year and the capacity is 30. The categories, application requirements, enrollment procedures, financial management, annual confirmation and other matters are as follows:

1. Categories of Applicants and Duration of Scholarship

Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students is full scholarship. It is only available for doctoral degree candidates, and the duration of their academic studies and this scholarship are both 3 years.

2. Application Procedures and Timing

Applicants can refer to government departments and relevant agencies responsible for dispatching international students, as well as the Chinese consulates and embassies in their home countries for consultation, or login Liaoning Education Website or websites of relevant universities and colleges in Liaoning Province that recruit foreign doctoral degree candidates for the detailed information of this scholarship. In view of the eligibility criteria of this scholarship, applicants shall directly apply their applications by year in written form to the universities or colleges which possess the qualification of recruiting scholarship students identified by Education Department of Liaoning Province. The program they apply for should be a doctoral degree program that is both available to the university and foreign and open to foreign students. Applications are accepted once a year and they shall be proposed from January to April every year. All universities or colleges should handle the applications in accordance with the enrollment criteria for foreign students and qualifications for this scholarship. The application situation should be reported to the Education Department of Liaoning Province before May 15th every year.

3. Eligibility

1) The applicant must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

2) The applicant should comply with laws, rules and regulations of the Chinese government and schools of higher learning.

3) The applicant should hold a master's degree and be under the age of 40.

4) The applicant should have excellent academic performance and be recommended by two professors.

5) The applicant should not be a recipient of other kinds of Chinese government scholarships.

4. Scholarship Rates

The scholarship covers: registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials, accommodation fee, fee for comprehensive insurance, basic living allowance, supervisor allowance, and so on. The values are RMB54,000/person/year on average. The applicant should afford their international travel fee by themselves. The scholarship is monthly distributed and the values are RMB1,500/person/month.

5. Application Materials

The applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly, correctly and completely (filled in Chinese or English).

1) The original script and one copy of Application Form for Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship (identically printed by Education Department of Liaoning Province) ;

2) The notarized highest education certificate and academic transcripts. University students or applicants employed shall also provide proof of studying or employment on application. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English;

3) HSK certificate (upon the request of the university or college by which the applicant is enrolled);

4) The original script and one copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (identically printed by Chinese quarantine authority);

5) A study or research plan (not less than 1,000 words);

6) Recommendation letters by two professors or associate professors from the institution the applicant has just graduated from.

Having been accepted by universities or colleges, the above documents should be forwarded to Education Department of Liaoning Province for approval. Individual applications are not accepted by the education department. Application documents will not be returned.

6. Selection of Institutions and Specialties

1) Selection of Institutions: All full-time universities or colleges that Education Department of Liaoning Province has approved to enroll doctoral degree candidates as well as programs designated by them are open to application of Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students. The details will be published on Liaoning Education Website ( and websites of relevant universities and colleges that recruit foreign doctoral degree candidates.

2) The programs should be appropriate for international students and the language for instructing and learning are to be determined in according to supervisors' situations.

3) Supervisors of doctoral degree candidates should possess the following conditions:

The supervisor should hold the professional position of professor, and is working as instructor of doctoral degree candidates;
The supervisor should be involved in the forefront of the international research fields;
The supervisor can use a foreign language fluently to guide international students.
7. Approval and Notification

(1) The Acceptance of Applications

In accordance with the application qualifications of this scholarship, foreign students propose their applications to related universities or colleges, and then the universities or colleges will comprehensively assess the applicants' materials with the school admission criteria and scholarship eligibility as the base and applicants' wishes as reference. After that they will decide whether to accept the applications. The applications will be regarded as invalid and will not be accepted if they fail to meet the enrollment requirements or the application documents are incomplete.

(2) The Assessment of Applications

The universities or colleges should in principle set up scholarship assessment group, conforming to the principles of fairness and justness, and have group discussions. In accordance with the school admission criteria and scholarship eligibility, the universities or colleges should offer a pre-admission list of scholarship students and report to the provincial education department. The provincial education department will then organize experts to conduct a comprehensive pre-admission assessment of the listed applications to determine whether the applicant has the scholarship enrollment eligibility. After approval, the winners of Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship will be officially admitted by relevant universities or colleges.

(3) Approval and Notification

The Department of Education of Liaoning Province will send the approved admission list and related procedures to universities and colleges before June 15th each year. The admission notices of scholarship students should be sent to applicants themselves by the end of June each year and the universities and colleges should also help them to process relevant procedures. The scholarship student should hold valid passport, "Visa Application Form for Study in China" (JW201), Admission Notice and the "Physical Examination Record for Foreigners" to Chinese Embassy in his/her home country (Consulate General) to apply for visa for study in China. And then the listed documents should be brought to China with the applicant. The applicant should register on time as required by the university or college. If there is some reason for delay, the applicant should ask for leave. Once he/she fails to register on time without the approval of the university or college, the student status and status for this scholarship would be both cancelled.

(4) Scholarship Student's Change of Majors, Transfer and Extension of Study Period

Generally speaking, scholarship students should not change their majors, transfer to other schools or extend the study duration after they come to China. If there are some special circumstances, the applicant should propose the application to the provincial education department through the university or college that enrolled him/her, and then all arrangements will be made by the provincial education department. If the applicant changes his/her major transfers or extends the study period without approval, the scholarship status will be deprived.

(5) The Registration and Record

The universities and colleges should propose the name list of scholarship students actually enrolled and copies of their application materials within one month after registration to the provincial education department for record, so that the department will allocate scholarship funds.
8. The Management of Scholarship

The scholarship status would be deprived for the students who do not register on time without permit from the university beforehand, leave with non-health reasons or are absent from the university for over a month. The students diagnosed as suffering from diseases that are not permitted to enter China under the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China and the scholarship status would be deprived.

If the scholarship students get sick or have accidents in the study period, all things should be handled according to the relevant regulations of comprehensive insurance.  Scholarship students who have to suspend their education for reason of illness should return to their home country for further treatment and rest. The international travel expenses of return and coming back should be shouldered by the students themselves; with the approval of his/her university, the scholarship status could be reserved for at most one year for those suspend from school. The monthly living allowance will be stopped during the suspension of education and the scholarship status of the students who suspend their education for reasons other than illness will be terminated.

The students are required to cover the expenses for experiments or internship, which exceeds the teaching arrangements of their schools.

The new students who register before 15th (15th included) of the registration month will enjoy the whole amount of living allowance of that month; those who register after the 15th will get that of a half month. Graduates will get the living allowances of 15 days from the graduation date set by the university or college.

The scholarship will be terminated from next month for the students who suspend their studies, quit or graduate. The students are entitled to living allowance during the vacation period arranged by the university. The students may get refunded when they get back from their trip during the vacation.

9. Contacts Method

Scholarship Council Liaoning Provincial Department of Education

Add: No.46-1 chongshan east road, huanggudistrict,shenyang city,liaoning  province, P.R. China

Post code:110032

Tel: 0086-24-86896000

Fax: 0086-24-86893002

Website: http//


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