Dalian Wenwu School


Authorized by the Education Bureau of Dalian city and founded by Dalian Jinshitan Holiday Resort , Dalian Wenwu School is a full time, boarding and full closed regular school, covering nine-year compulsory basic education from primary to junior middle school. It is featured by martial art with strong points on foreign language teaching. The school is appointed to accept international students under the approval of the competent authorities of the province and the city. It has set up an attached kindergarten in order to establish state of art science education system with degree program. It has been accredited as a safety unit for not a single accident has happened since its foundation.

The running philosophy of the school is to stand out by its distinguished running theory, teaching method and focus on producing students with special skills.

Our teams of Martial Arts, Art and Roller Skating has showcased on many big events such as Dalian International Winter Swimming Festival, Fashion Festival and Davos conference. We teach students not only through books but also through activities.

Now we’re recruiting transfer students of all grades from primary to junior school at home and abroad.




Our Serious Commitment

Treat students like families, guide them in a science way and help frustrated students regain confidence.
Offer all-day-long caring to ensure students safety and resolve parents’ worries;
Prepare all around talents with special skills and explore many ways for students to further their education in their ideal schools;
Teach in small groups and adopt one-on-one tutoring method in order to help everyone enjoy their success.