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International Cooperation and Exchange Office is an unit in charge of the education and administration of overseas students of Dalian Maritime University. Its main goal is to recruit and cultivate foreign students of various categories, continuously strengthen educational and cultural communication between DMU and universities abroad, and prominently enhance the cultural diversification and internationalization of the University.

As a subordinate organization of ICEO, Foreign Students Office is responsible for the promotion, recruitment, registration, passport and visa procedure and daily administration of foreign students; establish student exchange programs with overseas universities; provide Chinese language training to foreign students; assist Graduate School, Education Affair Office, related colleges and Logistic Office etc. to arrange the education and living of foreign students in DMU; organize extracurricular activities for foreign students and provide them with necessary consultation and guidance on their living and study.

Address: Foreign Students Office, Dalian Maritime University, No.1 Linghai Road, Dalian 116026, People’s Republic of China
Tel: 15810086985