Registration fee: RMB600

Tuition fee: Degree programs (each academic year)

Type of Student Tuition(RMB)
Undergraduate Student / General Scholar Science 22000
Arts 20000
Master’s Degree Student / Senior Scholar Science 26000
Arts 24000
Doctoral Degree Student /Senior Scholar Science 34000
Arts 32000

Tuition fee: Chinese language program

Period Tuition(RMB)
One week 1500
Two weeks 2100
Three weeks 2500
Four weeks 3000
Three months 7000
One Semester 8500
One academic year 16000

Accommodation: (RMB/Month/Room):1500, 1600, 1800

Study materials fee:
For degree programs :1,500 RMB
For Chinese programs: 500-1,000 RMB

Insurance: Foreign students must obtain international health-insurance.
Chinese Ministry of Education will obtain a “Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreign Students in China” for students with scholarships.
Self-supporting students can also obtain health insurance after having registered at the University.
Insurance fee: 200RMB for a year / 120RMB for a semester

Note: If a student were to withdraw from university within two weeks after school reopens, 75% of the tuition will be refunded. 50% of the tuition will be refunded if the student were to withdraw from school within three weeks after school reopens. For students who withdraw from school after three weeks from school reopens, tuition is neither refundable nor transferable. (Registration fee is not refundable)