Chinese Language Programs

The institution provides Chinese advocates from all over the world with both long-term and short-term Chinese courses.
Long-term Course:

Long-term course (with duration of more than half a year) enrolls new students twice annually, which commence in March and September respectively. The course includes five phases: introduction, junior, senior, advanced and so on. Students will attend classes from Monday to Friday which includes 20-22 hours required courses and 2-4 hours elective courses every week.
Course Structure:

Required courses

Introduction/ Elementary

Intensive Reading(and Grammar)/Listening/Speaking/Chinese Reading and Writing/Chinese Law for foreign students in China

Middle level/ Senior level

Intensive Reading/Listening/Speaking/ Writing/Comprehensive reading/Chinese Survey

Selective courses

Taji, Calligraphy, HSK Test Counseling

Teaching Features:

Small classes (maximum amount of registers is kept within 16) focus on improving students' language ability in practice. Teaching schedules are accompanied by plenty of activities. Activities involving Chinese language practice and International Students Talent Show will be carried out every semester. We have a large number of experienced and high qualified teaching stuff that contribute greatly to the high teaching quality.

Requirements for Admission: Anyone who graduates from high school, healthy, aged between 18 and 60 can apply for it.

Application Procedures:

Visit the school personally or download and fill in the "Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University” from following documents should be submitted(by mail, fax or by hand): the completed "Application Form",8 photos(3cm×4cm) and photocopy of passport.After the review by the school, the "Enrollment Notice", Visa Application Form (JW202), and Records of Medical Examination Form will be officially released. International students can take the above-mentioned documents and forms to Chinese Embassy (or consulate) in the host country to apply for the visa to China. It can be applied at any time before January 30th (Spring Semester) and July 30th (Fall Semester).

Short-term Course:

Short-term Courses (2-4 weeks) are usually conducted during summer and winter holidays (Commenced on the third week of January or Jury annually). The specific schedule of the starting time and studying content can be based on the applicant's requests. For individual application, the class will be held with the minimum student number of 8.For group application, teaching schedule, content and activities can be adjusted.