Doctoral Degree Courses

Doctoral Degree: 3-4 years
Senior scholar: 1-2 years
Application qualification and documents required:
1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health;
2. Applicants must have valid passport and graduated with a master’s degree;
Documents required for application:
1. Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University(提供链接);
2. Master’s degree, and graduation certificate (original or official file);
3. Post graduation module list and transcripts (original or official file);
4. 2 Professor recommendation letters;
5. Photocopy of passport and 8 certificate photos.
Remarks: The expiry time for new students ends on each July.

  Course College
1 Navigation Science & Technology* Navigation College
2 Traffic Information Engineering & Control*
3 Marine Traffic Engineering
4 Marine Engineering* Marine Engineering College
5 Communication and Information Systems Information Science and Technology College
6 Computer Applied Technology
7 Control Theory and Control Engineering
8 Traffic Engineering Transportation and Management college
9 Logistics Engineering & Management*
10 Transportation Planning and Management *
11 Management Science and Engineering*
12 Highway and Railway Engineering Transportation and Logistics College
13 Vehicle Operation Engineering*
14 International Law* School of Law
15 Environmental Science Environmental Science and Engineering College
16 Research on Chinese Marxism Humanities and Social Science College

Note: The specialties marked with a “*” can be conducted in English.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses
Master Degree Students
Doctoral Degree Students