Master’s Degree Courses

Master’s degree:2 years
Senior scholar:1-2 years
Application qualification and documents required:
1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health;
2. Applicants must be under the age of 35, have valid passport and graduated with a bachelor’s degree;
Documents required for application:
1. Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University(提供链接);
2. Bachelor ’s degree, and graduation certificate (original or official file);
3. Graduation module list and transcriptss (original or official file);
4. Mandarin classification 6th level or above certificates;
5. 2 Professor recommendation letters;
6. Photocopy of passport and 8 certificate photos;

Remarks: The expiry time for new students ends on each July.

  Course College
1 Traffic Information Engineering & Control Navigation College
2 Navigation Science and Technology*
3 Marine Traffic Engineering
4 Marine Engineering* Marine Engineering College
5 Power Machine and Engineering
6 Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure
7 Power System and Its Automation
8 Power Electronics and Power Drives
9 Electronic Science and Technology Information Science and
Technology College
10 Information and Communication Engineering
11 Control Theory and Control Engineering
12 Detection Technology and Automechanism
13 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
14 Computer science and technology
15 Traffic Engineering Transportation and Management College
16 Technology Economy and Management
17 Corporate Management*
18 International Trade
19 Industrial Economics
20 Administration
21 Transportation Planning and Management
22 Management Science and Engineering*
23 Logistics Engineering & Management*
24 Highway and Railway Engineering Transportation Engineering and Logistics College
25 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
26 Vehicle Operation Engineering
27 Mechatronics Engineering
28 Material Science and Engineering
29 Engineering Mechanics
30 Law Science (Maritime Law and International Trading Law) School of Law
31 Marine Chemistry Environmental Science and Engineering College
32 Biophysics
33 Environmental Science and Engineering
34 Philosophy of Marxism Humanities and Social Science College
35 Theory of Marxism
36 English Language and Literature* Foreign Languages College
37 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages*
38 Applied Mathematics Department of Mathematics
39 Operational Research and Cybernetics
40 Plasma Physics Department of Physics
41 Condensed Matter Physics

Note: Specialties with “*” can be conducted in English with at least 5 students a class.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses
Master Degree Students
Doctoral Degree Students