Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Bachelor ’s degree: 4 years
General scholar: 1-2 years
Application qualification and documents required:
Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health, have valid passport, graduated from an institution equal to Chinese senior high school;
Documents required for application:
1. Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University(提供链接);
2. Photocopy of passport and 8 certificate photos;
3. Graduation documents of Senior High School;
4. Graduation module list and transcripts (original or official file);
5. Certificate of Mandarin Level HSK (4th level or above)
Applicants without HSK certificate (4th level or above) should attend Mandarin level test of the university, and those who get the result equivalent to HSK 4th level or above can be considered.
Remarks: The expiry time for new students ends on each July.

Courses Colleges
Marine Navigation* Maritime Safety Administration Navigation College
Marine Engineering 
Marine Engineering(Marine Machinery Repair and Manufacture)
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
-Advanced Design Theory and Manufacturing Methods about Ship and Ocean Engineering Structure
-Modern Yacht Design
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Its Automation
-Ship Electric
-Port Electric
Marine Engineering College
Electronic and Information Technology
-Image and Voice Signal Processing
-IC Design
Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Software Engineering
Network Engineering
Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentations
Information Science and Technology College
-Foreign Trade Transportation
-Port Operations and Management
Logistics Engineering(System Engineering)
Information Management and Information System
International Economics and Trade *
Business Management
Financial Management
Tourism Management
Electronic Commerce
Logistics Management
Public Utilities Management
Shipping Management
Transportation and Management College
Law Science
-Maritime Law
-International Economic Law
School of Law
Chinese Language and Literature Humanities & Social Science College
-English Language and Literature
-Business and Maritime English
Japanese(Computer Information Management)
Foreign Languages College
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
Department of Mathematics
Applied Physics* Department of Physics
Environmental Engineering
Marine Science
-Marine Chemistry and Physical Oceanography
-Marine Remote Sensing and Measurement Technology
-Marine Biotechnology
Environmental Science & Engineering College
Materials Science and Engineering
-Materials Science and Engineering
Civil Engineering
-Road and Bridge Engineering
-Underground Engineering
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Automation
Logistics Engineering
Transportation Engineering and Logistics College

The courses with “ * ” could be conducted in English with at least 15 students a class.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses
Master Degree Students
Doctoral Degree Students