Living in Changzhou

Located in Taihu Lake Basin, Changzhou lies in the heartland of beautiful and affluent Yangtzi River Delta. With a history of 2500 years, it is now famous for its flourishing economy, prosperous culture, widespread education and a galaxy of talents. Ancestors of Changzhou lived here 5000 years ago in the period of the late New Stone Age and contributed to the ancient Chinese civilization with the glorious and unique Majiabang culture, Songze culture and Liangzhu culture.

Changzhou lies in the south of Jiangsu Province, close to the East China Sea. It is halfway between Shanghai and Nanjing, and borders Yangtzi River on the North and Taihu Lake on the South. Huning (Shanghai-Nanjing) railway, Huning (Shanghai-Nanjing) speedway and Jinghang (Beijing-Hangzhou) canal all run through the city. Located in subtropical monsoon climate zone, this rolling plain enjoys four distinct seasons with plenty of rainfall and sunshine. In late spring and early summer, there’s usually a Plum Rain Season (Rainy Season). In summer, the weather is continuously hot with a lot of rain, and the temperature sometimes even reaches 35℃. While in winter, the temperature is low with little rain.