Song of The fisherman

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Xiaohou and Xiaomao were twin brother and sister. Their father was a fisherman who died of a storm on the sea. Their mother had to work as a wet nurse in the boatman He's house. Xiaomao, Xiaohou and He's son Ziying grew up together. Ziying went abroad while Xiaohou and Xiaomao inherited their father's career and made a living by fishing. They led a hard life. Then they were robbed by bandits and their mother was blinded. They went to Shanghai to turn to their uncle for help. The brother and the sister sang songs at street with their uncle to make money and encountered Ziying who returned from abroad. Ziying gave them one hundred yuan. However, they were wronged by others because of the money and got imprisoned. Then their house caught a fire and mother and uncle both died in the fire. The brother and the sister were homeless. Ziying's father went bankrupt. Therefore the three went to catch fish on the sea. Xiaohou was injured severely while fishing and died. The song Yuguangqu was played......


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