Brief Introduction

China Three Gorges University(CTGU) was founded with approval of the Ministry of Education. CTGU is a comprehensive university, which comprises the former University of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering/Yichang and Hubei Three Gorges University, and is one of the key universities which are being constructed in Hubei Province. The history of CTGU dates back to 1923, and it has experienced the construction of “Project 211”. Besides, CTGU is one of the first universities which are conferred the qualification of recruiting international students, and it was awarded as “Excellent” in the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation of General Universities organized by the Ministry of Education in 2005.

CTGU consists of 21 colleges, 32 programs for postgraduate students, 35 more specialties for master program and doctoral program which are under construction. There are 55 specialties for undergraduate students, which cover 8 fields, including science, engineering, medicine, arts, management, economics, law and pedagogy. There are totally over 20,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 1,300 postgraduate students, over 400 international students, and 12,000 adult students.

CTGU has more than 1,600 full-time teachers, including 833 professors and associate professors, 27 Chutian Scholars and Three Gorges Scholars who are specially appointed as professors, and 375 instructors of postgraduate candidates. Meanwhile,

CTGU has employed 268 part-time professors, including 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 35 famous foreign scholars, some of whom are Nobel Prize Winners.

The university has a total area of 252 hectares. There are 59 various laboratories(lab centers), and the total value of teaching and research equipment is RMB 190 million yuan. The university has 1 national key field scientific observation station, 5 provincial or ministerial key laboratories, 2 provincial engineering technology research center, and 1 provincial key research base for humanities and social science. Now the frameworks of 5 discipline groups, i.e. engineering of hydroelectric energy, hazard protection and environment, computer information technology and control engineering, Three Gorges culture and tourism, and life science and biological technology, have been under construction.

The university is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, where there are worldwide famous Three Gorges Dam, Gezhou Dam, and Qingjiang Geheyan Water Power Plant, the largest dam in Hubei Province. There is a long historic culture on celebrities and folk-custom, rich resources of Chinese traditional medicine and special ecological environment.

The university holds all kinds of advanced teaching facilities. The campus is so beautiful that all of the students think it is an ideal place for them to study.

Qualification for international students

  1. Senior Advancing Chinese Studies: 18 years old, good health.
  2. Advancing Studies:
    ①General: good health, learning experience higher than 1st year of university
    ②Senior: good health, with Bachelor’s Degree or Assoc. Professor.
  3. Undergraduate for Bachelor’s Degree: 18 years old, good health, high school graduate or higher.
  4. Postgraduate for Master’s Degree: good health, with the Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field.

Study Costs (RMB Yuan/person)

1. Registration Fee: 400yuan/person
2. Tuition:



Natural Sciences & Engineering

Medical Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education

English medium clinic medicine

Bachelor’s Degree (including junior college studies and general advancing studies)/year





Master’s Degree (including senior general advancing studies)/year





Doctor’s Degree (including researchers) /year





Short-term studies

3000yuan ~ 4800yuan/month

3300yuan ~ 6240yuan/month

4500yuan ~ 9600yuan/month



8000yuan ~
10000yuan/     3months

8800yuan ~
3000yuan/ 3month

20000yuan/ 3months


3. Other costs according to China government and Three Gorges University 's regulations.(including assurance fee 、teaching material fee、re-exam fee、re-teaching fee)
4. Accommodation and Costs:
Well-equipped room with access to cable TV, telephone, and Internet, and separate bathroom with cold and hot water, etc.
There are shops, internet café, café bar, etc, near the apartment.
Standard Room: RMB 4,000 yuan/person/academic year (two students in one room)
5. Food cost:
The students afford their own food. It costs about 400-700 yuan/month eating in the university canteen.


According to the requirement to prepare the documents we need by scan 、fax or send by mail or send it to our China three gorges university international communication and cooperation department.

The requirement:

1. Please fill up the over-seas students' application form.
2. The copy of passport with photo page.
3. International tourist health certification.
4.、 Please submit the copy of the first or the highest degree qualification certification and other mark-sheet.
5. For applying the master degree, please submit 2 professors' recommendation letters at least.
Ps: For concerned forms can download from our university website,you can click into the international culture exchange college, then will go into the download center.

32 Master’s Degree Programs:

1) Geotechnical Engineering
2) Disaster Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protective Engineering
3) Hydraulic Structure Engineering
4) Hydraulic & Hydropower Engineering
5) Engineering Mechanics
6) Structural Engineering
7) Geological Engineering
8) Mechanical Manufacture & Automation
9) Machinery Design & Theory
10) Power System & Automation
11) Control Theory & Control Engineering
12) Computer Applications Technology
13) Management Science & Engineering (Engineering)
14) Technology Economy & Management
15) Education of Marxist Theory & Education in Ideology & Politics
16) History of the Communist Party of China (including the Doctrine of China Party & Party Building)
17) Study of the Sanitizations of Marxism
18) Immunology
19) Obstetrics
20) Pharmacology
21) Surgery
22) Applied Mathematics
23) Condensed Matter Physics
24) Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature
25) Theory of Literature & Art
26) Chinese Philology
27) English Language & Literature
28) Pharmacology (Science)
29) Organic Chemistry
30) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
31) Ecology
32) Higher Education Pedagogy

55 Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

1) Financial Science
2) International Economics & Trade
3) Information Management & Information System
4) Project Management
5) Industry Engineering
6) Business Administration
7) Marketing
8) Financial Management
9) Human Resources Management
10) Tourism Management
11) Logistics Management
12) General Administration
13) Public Career Management
14) Law
15) Physical Education
16) Social Physical Education
17) Educational Technology
18) Chinese Language & Literature
19) Teach Chinese as a Second Language
20) Visual Audio Journalism
21) English
22) French
23) Japanese
24) Musicology
25) Musical Performance
26) Fine Arts
27) Artistic Design
28) Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
29) Information & Computing Science
30) Physics
31) Electronic Information Science & Technology
32) Photoelectric Information Science & Technology
33) Ecology
34) Chemistry
35) Biological Science
36) Chemistry Biology
37) Biological Engineering
38) Metallic Materials Engineering
39) Machine Design & Manufacturing & Automation
40) Material Processing & Control Engineering
41) Environmental Engineering
42) Electric Engineering & Automation
43) Electronic & Information Engineering
44) Automation
45) Telecommunication Engineering
46) Computer Science & Technology
47) Architecture
48) Urban Planning
49) Civil Engineering
50) Conservancy & Hydroelectric Engineering
51) Hydrological & Water Resources Engineering
52) Clinical Medicine
53) Medical Imaging
54) Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Combined with Western Medicine)
55) Nursing

CTGU has also established international educational cooperative programs with universities abroad, 6 programs as follows:

1) Power Plant and Electric Engineering (Cooperative Program with the University of Leicester, UK)
2) Hospitality and Resort Managements (Cooperative Program with the University of Memphis, US)
3) Nursing (Cooperative Program with the University of Memphis, US)
4) International Finance and Accounting (Cooperative Program with London South Bank University, UK)
5) Global Trade and Business (Higher National Diploma Program)
6) Art Design (Cooperative Program with Universite de Valenciennes, France)

Address: No.8 University Avenue, Yichang City, Hubei Province, 443002