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General Information of Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Founded in 1958, Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT) , a multidisciplinary university , has its specialized branches of science, engineering, agriculture, arts, law, economics, management and education. It has been authorized to confer a comprehensive range of programs including bachelor's, master's doctor's programs and post-doctoral programs.

The university consists of Changsha campus, Zhuzhou campus and a teaching base in Beijing .

Central South University of Forestry and Technology has 28 colleges, 51 undergraduate programs, 40 master's programs, 12 doctor's programs and 2 post-doctoral programs. At present, there are 32,000 students studying in the university. Its campus covers an area of 1600,000 square meters including 739,500 square meters building structures, which is covered with green trees and grass. The CSUFT library currently stocks collections in excess of 1,983,000 volumes and subscribes to over 2,100 journal titles. On the campus are gymnasiums, playgrounds and other public places such as banks, shopping centers, cinema, hospital, and etc.

CSUFT began to recruit international students in 1965. In order to encourage international students to complete their studies at Central South University of Forestry and Technology, the university has established ¡°Scholarships for International Students¡±.

CSUFT international programs will give international students a high quality education at a fair price and also let them enjoy a rich cultural experience with life-long time benefits.

The campus of Central South University of Forestry and Technology is blessed with beautiful scenery and tranquil environment. You will find this campus a pleasant atmosphere in which to study Chinese language and other subjects. We warmly welcome all overseas friends to study in Central South University of Forestry and Technology.

Location and Environment:

Central South University of Forestry and Technology is located in Changsha , the capital of Hunan Province , a city of beautiful scenery and outstanding intellectuals. Xiang River runs across the city from south to north. Lying to the north of the city are the beautiful Dongting Lake and Yueyang Tower , a historical and cultural scenic spot.

Standing to the south is the magnificent Nanyue Hengshan Mountain , one of the five well-known high mountains which are great centers of Buddhism in China . In the west is Shaoshan--the hometown of Mao Zedong, a great man of our time, and Zhangjiajie, the World Heritage Forest Park. It is a hub of communication, with the convenient expressways and international airport to the parts all over the nation and the world.