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Accommodation and Living Facilities:

The university provides an extraordinary housing to overseas students. The dimension and administration has reached the nationwide first-class level. There are public kitchens, washing house and gymnasiums in the Housing of Overseas Students. The bedrooms are provided with TV, telephone, air-conditioner, desk, wardrobe, individual washroom, shower and interface of computer network. The students can not only do some cooking in the public kitchen of the housing but also have dinner in the students' dinning room.

Single room: RMB 18,000 yuan /per person/per academic year;
Double room: RMB 9,000 yuan /per person/per academic year;
(excluding expenses for water and electricity).
Meals: RMB 30 C 50 yuan /per day.

Attention: Out of the teaching schedule, all the expenses concerning medical treatments, experiments, internships and visits shall be born by the students themselves.