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Brief Introduction of College of Overseas Students

The College of Overseas Students of Central South University of Forestry and Technology is an institute in charge of enrollment and management of overseas students, and of Chinese teaching and training for overseas students. It consists of General Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Overseas Students Affairs Office, Chinese Teaching & Training Section for Overseas Students.

Currently, the College has 25 staff members, of whom 10 are professors and associate professors, and 15 are holders of doctor or master's degree.

By 2006, a large mansion with the area of 15,000 m2 for international exchange in CSUFT have been built, which is multi-functioned for teaching, accommodation and entertainment, with modern multi-media classrooms, language labs, library.

With the improvement of teaching conditions, more and more overseas students come to study in CSUFT, of whom quite a lot have been conferred to various diplomas and academic degrees after their systematic studies.

The College persists in harmonious development of its scale, quality, structure and efficiency, displaying strength by its characteristics and striving for further development by its innovation. To cultivate more advanced professionals dedicating themselves to the world's peace and mankind's progress and development, we shall try our best to enhance the vitality and to improve the educational quality.