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Categories and Requirements for Applicants

  1. Chinese language learners: no age limits, high school graduates or above;
  2. Undergraduate candidates: below the age of 30, at least graduate from high school with good schooling records;
  3. Candidates general advanced study: below the age of 35, undergraduates, to further study of the same or related specialty;
  4. Candidates for senior advanced study: below the age of 45, having obtained a degree equivalent to China's Masterate or being authorized to study in a doctoral programme, to further study on a certain subject under the supervision of a tutor;
  5. Graduate candidates for Masterate: below the age of 35, having obtained a degree equivalent to China 's Bachelor's degree;
  6. Graduate candidates for Doctorate: below the age of 40, having obtained a Master's degree, recommended by two professors or two associate professors;
  7. Scholars: below the age of 55, professors or associate professors researching in acertain field.

Duration of study: 1-2 years for language learners, 4 years for undergraduate candidates, 1-2 years for general advanced studying candidates, 1 year for senior advanced studying candidates, 2-3 years for postgraduate candidates and 3 years for doctorate candidates.