Welcome to Hunan

Hunan is located in the south-central part of China. And Changsha, as the capital city of Hunan, has been nominated as a national entrepreneurial city, supporting over 700,000 entrepreneurs. President Xi JinPing of P.R. China haspointed out that Changsha is aimed to be developed as the 2ndPudongin recent press conference.

Many great and famous people came from Hunan Province. In ancient times, Quyuan, a patriotic poet, committed suicideby throwing himself into the Miluo River. The story of his death started the tradition of Dragon Boat Festival. Chairman Mao, the idol of Chinese people, was born in Shaoshan, Hunan. Zhu Rongji, one of the important former leaders of China, also comes from Hunan. Hunan is such a place that has cultivated many talents and thus becomes a hot destination for visitors.

Hunan has lots of elegant landscapes and numerous historic sites. It now has over 20,000 cultural relics and 43 scenic areas covering Mount Hengshan, WulingYuan, Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake and Shaoshan. The WulingYuan tourist area(including Zhangjiajie, Suoxi Valley, Tianzi Mountain and Mengdong River), with its unique limestone caves, brooks, hot springs, ancient trees and rare animals, has been placed on the World Natural Heritage List by United Nations Educational, Scientificand Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Welcome to Hunan! Welcome to Central South University!