General Regulations of CQUT on Admitting International Students

Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) was founded in 1940. After developing for more than half century, it now has become a regular institution of higher learning, which takes engineering as its main focus and combines economics, management, liberal arts, sciences, law, etc. It has also been one of the key institutions of higher learning that Chongqing municipal government gives special support. CQUT attaches great importance to recruitment of international students and up to now students from the USA, Japan, Canada, Norway, Slovakia, Vietnam, Korea, etc have come to study in it. CQUT boasts excellent campuses and facilities for study, living and sports. CQUT welcomes international students to study in it.

Majors and Programs for International Students

1. Language Training: Chinese
2. Majors for Graduates

3. Majors for Undergraduates



School of Mathematics and Physics

Statistics (Information & Mathematics Statistics)

Applied Physics

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

School of Economics and Trade

Human Resource Management



International Economy & Trade

Labor and Social Security

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Software Engineering

Chongqing Institute of Automobile

Mechanic D & M and Its Automation

Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Design

Industrial Engineering

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Work

Administrative Management

Intellectual Property

School of Accounting

Financial Management


School of Electronic Information and Automation


Electronic Information Engineering

Testing and Controlling Technology and Instrument

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electronic Science and Technology

School of Business Administration


Tourist Management

Land Resource Management

Business Administration

Logistic Management

School of Material Science and Engineering

Material Molding & Controlling Engineering

Material Science & Engineering

Polymer Materials and Engineering

School of Chemistry and Bio-engineering


Pharmaceutical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Biomedical Engineering


Type of Students



20000 RMB /year/person

Undergraduate (Liberal Arts)

16800 RMB /year/person

Undergraduate (Science)

18400 RMB /year/person

Language Learner

Long Term:12000 RMB / year/ person

Short Term:1200 RMB / month/ person

Qualifications for Admission

1. Graduate:

2. Undergraduate:

3. Language Learner:16Above the age of 16
4. Remedial Chinese classes are required when corresponding requirements for Chinese proficiency are not met

Time of School

Graduates and Undergraduates:9September
Language Learners: Long term: 92September and February

Length for Study

Graduate: 3 years;   Undergraduate: 4 years;   Language Learners: Above 1 month.

Application Procedure:

  1. Fill out Application Form for Foreigners to Study Chinese Language in Chongqing University of Technology
  2. Finish Physical Examination with Foreigner Physical Examination Form filled out and signed by doctors
  3. Send the two forms above to International Office, Chongqing University of Technology.
  4. After the materials are reviewed, decisions will be made upon whether he or she is admitted. CQUT will send the Notification of Admission to those who are admitted along with the Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202).
  5. With the necessary documents (the Notification of Admission, the Notification of Admission to those who are admitted along with the Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202), Foreigner Physical Examination Form, and Blood Test Result), those who are admitted can go to Chinese Embassy or Consulates to apply for study visa (X visa).
  6. After obtaining study visa (X visa), go to CQUT at the time specified in the Notification of Admission.
Registration Fee: ¥200。


Student Apartment: Four-bed Dormitory: ¥1200/bed/year


CQUT will buy one insurance (Ping’an Life Insurance’s Overall Insurance & Benefit for People Coming to China) for every admitted international student.


1. CQUT President Scholarship for International Students
Application forms are required to be submitted to CQUT
(Attachment 1).

2. Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship
(Attachment 2)
Application forms are required to be submitted to CQUT. Scholarships vary from 12000 RMB to 35000RMB/year/person

Note: One student can only enjoy one scholarship of the two.

Contact Person: Mr. Sun;  Ms. Huang
Address: International Office, Chongqing Institute of Technology, No.4, Xingsheng Rd., Yangjiaping, Chongqing 400050, P.R. China
Postal Code:400050
Tel No.:15810086985