Chongqing University of Technology

Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) was founded in 1940. After developing for 70 years, it now has become a regular institution of higher learning, which takes engineering as its main focus and combines economics, management, liberal arts, sciences, law, etc. It has also been one of the key institutions of higher learning that Chongqing municipal government gives special support.

CQUT covers an area of over 1.5 million m2 with a floorage of 600000 m2. It comprises 17 secondary teaching units with 32 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate majors, and 49 research institutes. It has a faculty of 1500 with 875 full-time teachers including 120 professors, 336 associate professors, and 625 doctor-degree and master-degree holders. Besides, it has engaged 8 academicians in Professor Mobile Stations, more than 80 part-time professors and over 140 part-time teachers. It has more than 12694 students including 658 postgraduate students.

CQUT conducts international exchanges and cooperation actively. Up till now, it has established friendly cooperative relations with over 20 colleges and universities and research institutes of the UK, the USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc. It also takes initiatives in recruiting international students and students from the USA, Japan, Canada, Norway, Slovakia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, etc.have studied in it. CQUT also boasts excellent facilities for study, living and sports and has well prepared to receive international students from all over the world.