Tuition and Fees

1. Tuition (yuan RMB)

Bachelor’s Degree: 12,000 to 18,000 yuan RMB per academic year

Master’s Degree: 20,000 yuan RMB per academic year

Short-term training: 6,000 yuan RMB per academic semester, 10,000 yuan RMB per academic year

2. Bedroom Types and Rates (yuan RMB)

Bedroom Types Rates (one person) Living Conditions
Single room 6000 RMB per academic year Overseas Students’ Dormitory
Double room 3000 RMB per academic year
Four-person 1500 RMB per academic year Ordinary Students’ Dormitory
Six-person 1200 RMB per academic year

The overseas students’ apartment has a separate sitting room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two balconies,and other essential facilities, such as toilet, washer, induction cooker shower, air-conditioner and internet access. Refrigerator and microwave could be shared.
Ordinary students’ dormitory has a bathroom, a balcony and shower.
Besides the bedroom rates, students should pay for the use of power, water, gas and internet.

3. Living expenses is averagely 800RMB yuan RMB per person per month.